When is a deal not necessarily a deal? When you buy it from Spreets.

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 16-Jan-2012 08:36

Depending on your view daily deal sites are either the best, or the worst thing to hit this world. There are definately bargains to be had, but also plenty of dubious deals. The Commerce Commission received huge numbers complaints in 2011 regarding these sites, with an average of 22.5 complains per month between January and June 2011, reducing to an average of 10 per month in October and November.

I couldn't help notice the deal on Spreets today, only $160 for a "GPS Navigation & Multimedia System that Includes an eBook Reader, Games, & Music & Movie Player! Worth $455. Delivery Included"


This product is apparently an essential trip to take on holiday "Don’t head off on your summer holiday road trip without it!" the promo blurb says. It features "the latest in GPS navigation technology".

This is fine if you live in Australia. If you read the fine print this units has the "latest Australian maps pre-loaded", with no mention anywhere of the inclusion or ability to load New Zealand maps onto it.

Even worse the Spreets page claims the product is worth $455. I wonder why the company that is distributing it only sells it for $345 including free delivery, and a 10% discount if you pay by credit card?

Is this really a bargain? Or just an overpriced piece of junk that in all reality is virtually worthless for it's intended purpose in NZ? That's up to you to decide, but I certainly won't be buying one.

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Comment by Jaxson, on 16-Jan-2012 10:00

The $345 is AU$, which is roughly $450 when converted.

Good point on the NZ maps.  Do you have to pay extra for these, if they are even available?!

Things that get me are:
The "why pay?" prices which are often hugely inflated.
And the postage issue.  I mean if you're selling me something $5 cheaper than I can buy at a local shop, but charging me $6 freight, it's hardly a deal is it.

Comment by Ezzie, on 17-Jan-2012 00:06

they've updated the page now... it says "latest New Zealand maps pre-loaded"
may have been a typo, straight copy and paste from the aussie version? 

but totlaly agree with you in that you gotta wonder where alot of the deals get the "full price" from..coz its not often its actually the RRP! 

Comment by numfarr, on 17-Jan-2012 02:40

The same unit on Dealextreme is about $NZ80.

Comment by freitasm, on 17-Jan-2012 12:16

Somne people may just assume they are getting a bargain and are too lazy to research. Like people buying second hand mobile phones from auction sites (Trade Me) and paying more than a brand new one from a retail store...

Comment by gregmcc, on 21-Jan-2012 08:00

looks just like a unit I brought 3 years ago from e-bay for $140, Over all it was ok, but the big problem was no map update path.

The units are basically a windows CE devices which run igo GPS software, most likely been chineese in orgin both the windows CE operating system and the igo software arn't legit.

How they can justifty a regular price of $450 is beyond me, you can buy a top of the line Garmin Nuvi with lifetime maps for that, even for the special price you can buy basic Garmin/tomtom/navman that has same or better spec's than this and you get a well known brand with support

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