Are pharmacies NZ’s biggest* rort? (*excluding airport carparking)

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 21-Jan-2013 11:31

Example A - $12.99 vs $20.00 for the identical tablets at two different pharmacies.

If you do suffer from hayfever I highly recommend Levrix tablets, I've found them amazing. It might just pay however to check the price before you buy them.

levrix (Medium)

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Comment by HowickDota, on 21-Jan-2013 13:39

I get a repackaged loraclear in containing 100 tablets for $5 after subsidies, however a consultation with the gp is needed each time to get a renewal on the prescription which adds about $30.

Comment by PDAMan, on 25-Jan-2013 18:23

Its not a rort, its just a profitable business. If you want to look at margins, I could point out many retailers that make 80% or more GP on many of their products. Often you will find significant deals or discounts within one chain on one product and the opposite on another. Often they will also use loss leaders, i.e. selling a product at below cost to get you in the store and then hope you will buy other product which attracts high margins. 

Its annoying Steve, just like going to Pak N Save so you can get their petrol discount and then finding that after the discount your local Z is cheaper at retail. Or you buy a new thingy for your iPhone at Harvey Norman and next week its on special. 

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