NZ Taxi Federation caught spreading yet more lies about Uber

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 3-Nov-2014 11:37

On Radio NZ National this morning Kathryn Ryan interviewed Roger Heale, the Executuve Director of the New Zealand Taxi Federation. It’s well known the Taxi federation have a strong dislike for Uber, and have been spreading plenty of FUD about Uber since their launch in New Zealand. It wasn’t long ago that they were telling drivers who belong to the Taxi Federation that Uber was operating illegally in NZ and that drivers were unlicenced - both of which are untrue.

You can listen to this interview here

Heale claimed that Uber does not charge GST and that explains an instant 15% difference in the rates. The problem is once again the Taxi federation have been caught telling blatant lies. Uber does charge GST.

Here’s a copy of a recent Uber invoice from a ride in Auckland.

uber invoice

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post asking why Taxis in NZ aren’t interested in competing with Uber (which you can read here). If the Taxi Federation stopped spinning lies and FUD and focussed on bringing member companies and drivers together to deliver the products and service that consumers want, rather than delivering in some cases sub par experiences and hefty electronic card surcharges they’d probably find themselves in a much better place right now. I’ve got no time for companies and organisation that focus their entire resources on trying to spread negative publicity about their competitors rather than trying to make their own product better.

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Comment by kiwitrc, on 3-Nov-2014 11:55

Good work Steve.

If you get caught telling lies, nothing else you say after that can be believed.

Comment by turnin, on 4-Nov-2014 15:21

The true strength of a dynamic carpooling solution is to be able to pull out your phone and hitch a ride instantly, with anyone. Good app propagation is the key and Uber being a paid service limits itself in this respect, A free service without security concerns will make this a reality and that will come with autonomous cars. In the meantime the taxis will be disrupted by Uber and will try anything to discredit them in the same way Bitcoin and Blogs are struggling to disrupt Banks and media  

Comment by Quentin Long, on 14-Nov-2014 08:00

Interesting to see that this is disruptive worldwide. In Las Vegas for an event, and the taxi's had formed a rolling block along the strip in protest of Uber. Just making the cabbies look like fools, and not doing anything for their cause. If anything they are actively promoting Uber by publicizing it. 

Comment by vincent, on 23-Nov-2014 15:13

The Taxi federation is wrong i am an uber driver and i have P endorsement and Transport service license, and on top of that  i have private hire registration form.All of this proves that  UBER  is registered with NZTA, new zealand transport agency.And again when i drive for uber i take  my taxi signs off and i become under the private hire service rule,Like it or not UBER is going to stay in New Zeakand and will be in every part where there is post code.thanks and  welcome to the 21st century Taxi Service.

Comment by kiwijunglist, on 1-Mar-2015 12:37

I hope uber is here to stay.  All the uber taxi drivers in NZ have a taxi license.  I've also found that  (only 3 rides so far) I wait less time for a uber taxi compared to a regular taxi, and as a bonus it's cheaper.  It's good to be able to see how far away they are from coming on the gps map.

For $10 off your first uber ride you can use the promo code "uber10nz"

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