Air New Zealand’s latest profiteering scheme – charging extra for return airfares?

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 21-Jan-2015 05:46

As a travel junkie I travel to Australia pretty frequently - often half a dozen times per year or more. While looking at flights this afternoon I noticed Air New Zealand now charge more to book a return flight to Australia on a single ticket than they do to book two one way airfares on separate tickets. The difference is only small, but the mere fact there is a difference is surprising.

What’s the logic behind that? As somebody who travels a lot and thinks they know a reasonable amount about airline booking systems, I can conclude there is no obvious reason for it – it looks like a simple case of Air New Zealand deciding they can make a few extra dollars profit as most people will be totally unaware of this.

Historically booking a one way flight from Australia to New Zealand redirected the customer to the Air New Zealand Australian booking site and quoted prices in A$ – around a year or so ago this was changed allowing customers in New Zealand to book one way fares from Australia on the New Zealand site using NZ$.

Lets look at a few examples:

(I have not included the pricing component for airfares from Wellington to Australia, as these do not differ)

If you book a one way fare from Melbourne to Auckland on the 21st June you’ll pay $277, $346 or $512 for those flights.


   Book this as part of a return ticket including travel to Australia and you’ll pay $286, $356 or $521.



Want a book a trip from Wellington? Booking a one way fare from Melbourne to Wellington will set you back $275 for a direct flight, or $379 or $384 for non direct flights via Auckland and Christchurch.


Book this as part of a return ticket including travel to Australia and you’ll pay $284, $406 or $411


Want a book a trip from Christchurch? Booking a one way fare from Melbourne to Christchurch will set you back $299 for a direct flight, or $382 or $384 for non direct flights via Auckland.


Book this as part of a return ticket including travel to Australia and you’ll pay $311, $409 or $411


It is worth noting that if you are booking a single flight from Australia to New Zealand that specials may not be available as the screenshots above show. This is to stop Australian customers booking flights in reverse while New Zealand based promotions are on. While I chose the date above at random as a comparison, this issue isn’t restricted to this date or just to Melbourne, it also occurs on flights to other destinations. It’s also interesting to note that you’re paying even more when the flight is not direct.

It’s also interesting to note the differences in the Works Deluxe fares – with some being cheaper as part of a return ticket than a one way ticket, despite these being the same booking class.

There are no logical reason why this should occur – security and airport taxes are a fixed variable at $45.46 to leave Christchurch or Wellington, or $50.64 to leave Auckland. Security and airport taxes to leave Melbourne is $98.15, and a total of $143.15 ($45.46 + $98.13) is charged when booking a return airfare ex Christchurch or Wellington, and $159.90 ($50.64 + $98.13) ex Auckland. The appropriate charge is applied correctly for both one way and return flights.

So what’s the story Air New Zealand? Do you have a logical explanation for this? Or is this a simple case of profiteering because you think nobody will notice?

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Comment by Behodar, on 21-Jan-2015 07:07

That's odd... just yesterday I looked at a return flight Auckland-Melbourne on a random date in April and it gave the $277 price that you're seeing for one-way.

Comment by Mike, on 21-Jan-2015 21:33

JetStar are doing this also domestically. I went looking for return flights from Wellington to Auckland in April with luggage. WLG-AKL flight was $180 and AKL-WLG return was $210! That was the same charge for flights on their respective days. Ended up flying ANZ and it cost me $218 return.

Comment by Regs, on 22-Jan-2015 22:00

reminds me of the old pricing of 'two-packs' or 'three-packs' of canned food you used to buy in the supermarkets.  the multipacks were often more expensive than buying singles, especially john west tuna from memory

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