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I visited Sydney for the weekend in March so took the opportunity to stay at a couple of Sydney’s more upmarket hotels – the Hilton Sydney on a Friday night, and the new Intercontinental Double Bay on the Saturday night.

The Hilton Sydney is one of my favourite hotels in Sydney. It’s CBD location on Pitt St is only a few minutes walk from Pitt St Mall, and it’s only a few minutes walk to Town Hall and Museum stations for public transport connections including Sydney airport.

I’ve stayed at the Hilton here on a few occasions, and on every visit it’s impressed me. I’ve heard of a few complaints about wait times at reception in the past, but at 6pm on a Friday night there were no delays. I was checked in within a couple of minutes by an incredibly friendly staff member, and was on my way to the room having had all the benefits of the hotel and my status explained to me.

Those of you a Hilton Hhonors Gold members are treated to the full package of benefits at this hotel – upgraded rooms, Executive lounge access, and a free breakfast. Unlike customers simply purchasing Execute floor rooms who are only entitled to breakfast in the Execute lounge, Hhonors Gold lets you enjoy the buffet breakfast at Glass restaurant, something you’d be crazy not to take up.



I made my way to the 28th floor room. While I wouldn’t describe the rooms as large, they’re a good size and the space is well utilised. Bathrooms feature the usual high quality Peter-Thomas Roth toiletries, along with a separate shower and bath. Two complementary bottles of water are on offer for Hhonors Gold members.

The TV system is a full IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) based system integrated into the hotel PMS (Property Management System) backend system. Picture quality was great and all channels were in the correct aspect ratio. I did however manage to crash the system a few times while watching TV, and this required physically turning the TV off and on again at the wall to get it going again. The room also features a Cisco VoIP phone that also offers some XML based interactive menus. This may have been somebody’s gimmicky idea when the hotel was opened (and as a VoIP engineer myself it’s probably something I would do myself!), but I can imagine it’s something very few people use as it doesn’t work very well at all, with some options no longer even working.

Controls for lighting and the blinds are located next to the bed. My only complaint about the system is that you have to hold the button for a long time to move the blinds fully up or fully down – there is no option to simply fully open or close them.

The room features a fully stocked pressure sensitive mini-bar, so don’t go touching things unless you want to pay for them!

IMG_20150313_180511 IMG_20150313_180538 IMG_20150313_180549 IMG_20150313_180609

IMG_20150313_180625  IMG_20150313_180634 IMG_20150313_180739 IMG_20150313_181209 IMG_20150313_181217

After spending a few minutes in the room it was time to check out the evening drinks and canapés in the 36th floor Executive lounge. This lounge is available for use throughout the day for all customers located on Executive floors, with drinks and snacks available outside the breakfast and evening service times.

For evening canapés beer, wine and spirits are complementary along with a great selection of food and desert options. While clearly targeted as a pre-dinner dining option, there is certainly enough food on offer to turn this into a dinner meal should you desire.

IMG_20150313_183918 IMG_20150313_183925 IMG_20150313_1915022015-03-13 

You can probably call me a Hilton fanboy, but I love the beds that many Hilton hotels offer. The bed, pillow selection and sheets were all perfect, and is something Hilton have perfected. After a great night’s sleep I woke up ready to attack the buffet breakfast at Glass restaurant. This buffet breakfast is an amazing offering with an amazing selection of food, and certainly ranks up there as amongst the best buffet breakfast offerings I’ve come across anywhere in the world. If you’re not a Hhonors Gold member the full price of breakfast is a rather hefty A$42 per person, but it is worth it for what is an amazing food offering.

IMG_20150314_073247 IMG_20150314_073438


Overall there isn’t much to really fault about the hotel, which is why it’s one of my favourites in Sydney. Check-in and check-out where both quick with super friendly staff at both reception and the bell desk where I stored my bag for the day. I’ll certainly be back!

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