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By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 4-Jun-2015 08:52

During a recent weekend visit to Sydney in March I took to the opportunity to book an IHG reward night at one of Sydney’s newest hotels – the Intercontinental Double Bay.

The Intercontinental Double Bay opened in late 2014 after an extensive refurbishment of a building that for many years was one of Sydney’s most prestigious hotels. Opened in 1991 as the Ritz Carlton it was a popular haunt for celebrities and wannabe celebrities alike, in a suburb that is well known for it’s affluence. It’s also the hotel where former INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence tragically ended his life.

Double Bay is located around 4km from the Sydney CBD. There are plenty of transport options to get there, but the nearest train station to the hotel is around a 10 minute walk which is all downhill if you’re coming from the station, or uphill if you’re leaving the hotel. An Uber or taxi is going to be the quickest option.

Upon entering the hotel through the ground floor I was greeted by bell staff who directed me to reception on the 1st floor. If you’ve got bags you’ll probably head to the lift, otherwise you’ll enjoy the views from the grand staircase.


Once on the 1st floor you’ll find plenty of open space leading to reception. Staff were friendly, and the check-in process was quick was nearly painless – the staff member who I dealt with was (I’m picking) French, and did struggle to understand a couple of my questions and I had to repeat myself. Staff recognised my IHG Platinum Elite status and welcomed me to the hotel.

IMG_20150314_171117 IMG_20150315_134207 IMG_20150315_134304 

Once checked in I headed up to the room, noticing on the way that maintenance for such a new building did leave a little to be desired. Around a number of lifts and public areas damage from trolleys was already evident. This wasn’t a great look for such a newly renovated property.


The room was a “Village view” overlooking the Double Bay village area. Walking into the room showed off the automation systems present in the room, with the TV turning on and curtains opening.

IMG_20150314_145744 IMG_20150314_145754 IMG_20150314_145817 IMG_20150314_150021

Hidden behind the mirrored doors was the mini bar, something that was up to usual Intercontinental standards if you wanted to indulge in the luxuries of life and not have to even pick up the phone to order champagne!

2015-03-13 IMG_20150314_150119 IMG_20150314_150130


I headed into the bathroom and was suitably impressed. If you don’t like granite however, this probably isn’t the hotel for you!

IMG_20150314_145919 IMG_20150314_145953 IMG_20150314_152913

The room featured a modern IPTV system for all free to air and pay TV channels, with picture quality being superb.


Also located next to the TV were USB ports and inputs for the TV. I had a play with these, but struggled to actually get them to work correctly. If you wanted to charge your USB devices, the ports will allow you to do this, but like 99% of USB ports that are located in public areas they won’t correctly charge most modern phones or tablets at full speed unless you have your own adapter to short the data pins, meaning you’ll be limited to a slow 450mA charge rate. Mounted inside the TV cabinet was a Ruckus dual band 2.4GHz/5GHz access point for in-room WiFi. Internet access is free for IHG rewards members such as myself, however you’ll be stuck paying the usual hotel prices if you’re not a member.


The room featured a nice clock radio (which was a little bright for my liking), cordless DECT phone and a rather cool remote control next to the bed for curtains and all lighting.

IMG_20150314_145826 IMG_20150314_153311 IMG_20150314_212316

I headed up to the rooftop to check out the lap pool and bar. Rather than being your regular hotel pool, I get the feeling this was clearly a place to be seen rather than being a practical pool area. The bar was great, but pricing was very much on the high side. I got the impression from a few people nearby quietly drinking their cocktails that the kids playing in the pool were a rather big annoyance, and I guess that’s the problem you face when you’re trying to develop a concept such as this.

IMG_20150314_153924 IMG_20150314_184003 IMG_20150314_184016

I had a great nights sleep with bedding and pillows bring fantastic. The bed was a little hard for my liking, but it’s hard to really blame a hotel for that when so many people have such differing views of what defines a comfortable bed. While the room was quiet, I was however awoken during the night by loud cars racing down the street outside.

I didn’t get a chance to eat at the hotel, however the dining options looked great, and if you’re a gin fan the bar featured a huge selection. You’ll be spoilt for dining options nearby with a huge number of restaurants in the area.

Overall while I enjoyed my stay, I’d question whether I would go back. It’s a fantastic refit of the building that has maintained much of the old character, and while there the hotel and facilities were fantastic, I felt the hotel quite simply lacked atmosphere. I wrote a review of my stay the night before at the Hilton Sydney, and to be completely honest I much preferred my stay at the Hilton over the Intercontinental.

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