Catching Uber to Wellington Airport? Uber may well be ripping you off.

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 21-Oct-2015 21:42

Anybody who knows me and has read my numerous blog posts about Uber will know I’m a fan. I’ve used Uber in a number of countries and love both the concept of the product, and the product itself.

In the last month I’ve used Uber to get from my office in Wellington to Wellington airport. Both times I’ve been charged $25, and on both occasions the fare estimate was significantly less than this. After spending a bit of time looking into this it seems that Uber charge a flat $25 rate to get from Wellington Airport <-> Wellington CBD according to the Uber website, but make no mention of this anywhere in the app. For areas in the city (such as my office) where the estimated fare is in the $16 - $21 price range depending on the time of the day, you’re automatically charged $25 for the journey. As much as I like Uber, I don’t like being ripped off, and Uber have ripped me off. Twice.

Lets have a look a few random locations around Wellington

Screenshot_2015-10-21-21-26-38 Screenshot_2015-10-21-21-25-30 Screenshot_2015-10-21-21-25-11


And the Uber website


I asked @uber_nz about this on Twitter, but it seems they’re not the most prompt when it comes to engaging on social media.

In the meantime you may want to be wary of being overcharged. There are a number of taxi companies that only charge $20 flat rate to get from the CBD to the airport.

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Comment by networkn, on 22-Oct-2015 11:04

We have different defintions of being "ripped off". You have been slightly overcharged compared to an estimate, which could fall either side of that due to traffic, weather and other factors. It IS stated in a public findable place about their policy for charging a flat rate for airport drop offs. Could they make it clearer? Probably. Are you being ripped off? No, I don't think so.

Comment by kiwiharry, on 22-Oct-2015 17:18

Hi Steve.

You did post in August last year that Uber does charge a $25 flat rate from the CBD to the Airport, so I wouldn't say you were ripped off.

Their estimate should reflect that there is a flat fee for trips between the CBD and Airport, so agree that this needs to be addressed.

Comment by DataCraft, on 22-Oct-2015 17:30

I agree it needs to be sorted.

Even though its a estimate the punter needs to have some chance of achieving the estimate, in this case its hardwired that the estimate will never be achievable and is misleading.

Didn't a real-estate company get in trouble for something similar with regards to advertised prices set well below the reserve just to suck punters in?

Comment by kiwitrc, on 23-Oct-2015 09:45

Biggest problem with Uber I find in Wellington is once you are out of the CBD they dont exist.

Comment by sdav, on 21-Nov-2015 10:04

The only time I caught Uber from Wellington city to the airport I used a voucher! So given that, it was pretty cheap!

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