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By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 7-Jan-2016 18:40

I’m luckily enough to be in Las Vegas for CES, and hoping to write something at the end of every day to sum up some of the cool stuff I’ve seen.

Today marked the opening day of CES ,however I’m luckily enough to have a media pass so have been to a number of events and keynotes on Monday and Tuesday. What follows is just a few notes and observations followed by a few photos. I’m just writing these as brief notes.

My day started with a guided tour of the LG stand. I’m not aware of any other NZ media here at CES and so I was with a few Australian media. LG were big on two things – TV’s and their IoT solution called SmartThinQ where huge. IMHO LG really lead the TV market right now (assuming you can afford it) with their OLED solutions. OLED took centre place, along with the new WebOS3 which is the operating system used on their TV’s. All the usual apps are there, but WebOS3 brings enhancements for SmartThinQ – where is their IoT (Internet of Things) solution. Imagine if every appliance in your home cold be connected, and controller, from your TV or from an app. This isn’t a dream, it’s reality. Everybody is doing IoT here and it really is the latest buzzword. Everybody is talking about “open standards” but the reality is there aren’t any. Everybody is building their own systems and hoping to get other vendors on board – welcome to the TV app market all over again.

TV’s are a big deal. 4K is becoming the norm, but HDR is now where it’s at. If you don’t know about HDR it’ll probably pay to Google it – but in an environment like CES it’s hard to tell who’s really telling porkies. I visited Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and LG and listened to every single one of them trash the other. In an environment where TV’s are clearly optimised to show the differences between HDR and non HDR content it’s really hard to gauge where things are at. My personal view however is that LG’s OLED is still ahead of Samsung’s much walked about Quantum Dot technology.

LG also displayed their new 98” 8K OLED. I have nothing else to say about this but wow. Estimated RRP when it hits the market this year is somewhere around US$40,000.

Drones are huge. They’re not just huge, they’re HUGE. They’re everywhere. Drone technology is advancing so rapidly that anything you buy is pretty much obsolete by the time you walk out of the store. 360 video and personal tracking (such as filing you skateboarding or mountain biking) are where it’s at. Just don’t ask about battery life.

I attended the Intel keynote last night, and had a good look at what Intel have on display. It’s safe to say it’s amazing. Intel Curie (it’s embedded mobile) is going to change the way we watch and engage with live sport. Intel have partnered with Red Bull for extreme sports to really show off – real-time analytics showing performance, G forces, speed and movement are going to change the world. The potential for Curie was also show off with their partnership with Oakley delivering sunglasses that act as a personal trainer,

I also got the chance to have a look at a Tag Heuer smart watch (disclaimer – I own a Tag Heuer so am a fanboi!) and really only have one thing to say – OMG. It leaves every other smart watch for dead in terms of styling.

Retro was back with turntables. Panasonic have re-launched the Technica brand with turntables, and many other manufacturers also had them on display. Headphones were also everywhere, but I’ll hopefully get to spend some more time tomorrow.

Panasonic had their Panasonic Aero IFE systems on display – I know Air NZ announced earlier in the year they;re looking at some of their API’s to allow access to view and bookmark movies that will be on your flight before you fly. Hopefully they integrate this into the Air NZ app at some point.

And lastly 802.11ad finally hit the market with routers being announced. 802.11ad will deliver up to 2.4Gbps of real world WiFi throughput, however the 60GHz band means an AP in every room will be essential!

That’s it from day . Hopefully I’ll update this again tomorrow.

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