Fairfax takes journalism ethics and integrity to a whole new low with Stuff fibre

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 14-Sep-2016 13:49

On Monday this week New Zealand saw the launch of a new nationwide Internet provider back by Fairfax and known as Stuff Fibre. Much fanfare (mainly on Fairfax owned stuff.co.nz) has preceded the launch over the last few months. Stuff Fibre joins the list of around 100 existing ISP’s in the incredibly competitive retail market.

Anybody visiting Stuff today will see some new advertising. Apparently a mere two days after launch Stuff Fibre is the #1 ranked National Fibre Provider according to broadbandcompare.co.nz



#1 for what? That’s a very good question. Visiting the broadbandcompare site offers no suggestions as to what Stuff Fibre have been ranked #1 for. There are no website comments, and as broadbandcompare doesn’t actually rank ISP’s or plans it doesn’t appear it’s #1 for anything. Considering their offerings only hit the market on Monday I’d be surprised if Stuff fibre had any more than a few hundred active connections across New Zealand.

Broadbandcompare is a newly launched comparison site that attempt to compare broadband plans across a large number of ISP’s. It’s revenue appears to be advertising based, with ISP’s being able to buy packages promoting their products and brand on the site. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. This model however does bring the concept of integrity into play. Since there is absolutely no feedback or reader comments any views or rankings on the site appear to be either the views of the site providers and/or influenced by advertising paid to them by ISP’s.

Stuff promoting their own business through the use of “promoted content” with a meaningless claim that could quite simply be summed up as bullshit really takes journalism to a whole new low.

UPDATE - broadbandcompare have now said any claims made by Stuff are incorrect, and that they have contacted Stuff about removal of these ads.

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Comment by robtihanyi, on 14-Sep-2016 14:56

Stuff Fibre is the top-ranked national, no fixed-term contract fibre broadband provider according to broadbandcompare.co.nz 

Our mistake was not highlighting in the advertising the fact that Stuff Fibre does NOT commit customers to 12- or 24-month contracts. We just don't believe customers should be restricted to fixed-term contracts for fibre.

So in addition to having fast 100mbps-fibre, unlimited data and a free Gigabit Wifi router for $89.50 a month we have also added "No fixed-term contracts and no sign-up fees".

Steve, we are happy for you to compare and tell us which national provider offers a better deal for New Zealanders.

Comment by Linux, on 14-Sep-2016 16:43

Stuff Fibre is not #1 on broadband compare, This should be passed to ASA to look into further 

Comment by BarTender, on 14-Sep-2016 19:14

Pretty sure Bigpipe is $79 with no contract unlimited 100/20 #JustSay'n

Comment by antoniosk, on 14-Sep-2016 20:08

I agree with the bartender. And as a plus you don't get any advertising. I'd use it if I could get it.

Comment by Broadband Compare, on 14-Sep-2016 21:05

Hi there - Bigpipe is not rated above Stuff Fibre on Broadband Compare due to the $49 connection fee plus the fact you need to BYO modem or purchase a modem for either $99 or $199.  Hence Stuff Fibre rating above Bigpipe.   

Comment by blakamin, on 14-Sep-2016 22:16

HAHA... Dodgy AF. 

Looks like broadband compare is a complete waste of time and a site to stay away from... Much like stuff fibre.

Stuff Stuff Fibre. 

Comment by Neil Bates, on 17-Oct-2016 07:59

I see Stuff Fibre is advertising again this morning on Stuff.co.nzThis time the advertising states "Stuff Fibre is the #1 No Contract National Fibre Provider on broadbandcompare.co.nzStill not seeing it... I scrolled through "Fastest", "Cheapest" and looked up my own Fibre ready address - I only managed to see the Stuff Fibre mentioned once and that was a "Special Offer" rather than any ranked entry. Of course I didn't scour the whole site so possible I missed it... somewhere... deep in there...

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