Apple iPhone killer.. Before the iPhone is even released

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 11-Feb-2007 09:40

The Koreans seem to be coming out with some very cool stuff at present!

RIP iPhone - looks like you've met your match.

Vodafone Group now links up with YouTube and eBay

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 10-Feb-2007 06:56

After the announcement earlier in the week that Vodafone Group have reached a deal with MySpace to offer access to the site from within Vodafone Live! (makes you really wonder if anybody in NZ even knows that's happening in Newbury considering Vodafone NZ just launched their own site) Vodafone have just announced deals with both You Tube and eBay to allow access to the respective sites through the Live! portal.

As to whether we'll see any of this in NZ - who knows? With the current competency in the upper ranks of Vodafone NZ I would highly doubt we'll be seeing anything innovative from a company that used to define the word..

Chris Barton's NZ Herald column

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 8-Feb-2007 11:02

Chris Barton: Telecom cabal leaves legacy we all have to suffer

IMHO the best column you've written for a long time! A+++++

More FUD from Vodafone NZ

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 2-Feb-2007 11:08
Vodafone suggests its British parent might scale back its investment in New Zealand as the amount of revenue it earns from each customer declines.

   Yeah Right!

 Vodafone NZ is a cash cow - We all know that.

**Breaking News** Theresa Gattung to stand down from Telecom.

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 2-Feb-2007 08:56

Has just been officially announced, she will be finishing at the end of June.

Campbell Live TV3 tonight - Broadband in NZ

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 30-Jan-2007 13:40

Might be worth watching..

"Why are broadband subscribers still simmering with discontent months after the promised unleashing of the local loop? We examine the complaints, demystify the technology, and ask Telecom if unbundling has left it tangled in knots."

NZ Herald inaccurate reporting yet again!

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 25-Jan-2007 08:54

Jenny Keown has done it yeat again - written a story full of a few facts and then.. FUD

In the story entitled "She's a multi-millionaire and still can't get broadband" it seems that Jenny Gibbs who is worth $30 and lives on Paratai Drive has been trying to get "broadband" for 2 years but can't because the Remuera Exchange is full - even though Telecom said that they only ran out of ports late last year.

It seems that Ms Keown is unaware that Broadband is not a TM of Telecom NZ and that there are other ways of getting "broadband" high speed internet access in Paratai Drive.

How about trying

* Vodafone
* Woosh Wireless
* Wired Country offered by numerous ISP's

I am sure there are other wireless providers who can also provide access - post them as a comment if you want the business! :-)

The ideal Xmas/Birthday Gift!

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 24-Jan-2007 15:26

Kids relying on the interweb for homework?

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 17-Jan-2007 14:33

I was reading the latest Telecom Press Release today:

"In October last year, as part of a survey of nearly 450 ten-year-olds,
Telecom found that 57 percent used the Internet as their main source of
homework information, alongside library books at 18 percent,
encyclopaedias at nine percent and text books at four percent."

Is this a scary thought? We all know that the internet is an amazing place but as we all know not everything you read is correct. How accurate is the information that many could be relying on for their homework?

Telecom price increase - How to save yourself $36.60 per year

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 15-Jan-2007 10:59

I notice today in the Dom Post that Telecom are increasing their Homeline service in the Wellington & Christchurch Regions from $34.80 to $36.00 per month. If you're elsewhere in NZ where TCL don't have a network this will be increasing from $42.20 to $43.60 per month.

If you are in the Wellington or Christchurch area why not move to TelstraClear? You pay $32.95 per month for the same service, can add cable broadband which is *far* superior to ADSL in every respect and can keep the same telephone number?

What reason is there to stay with Telecom?

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