VoIP over mobiles

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 12-May-2006 09:22

I had a play with MINO yesterday.


This software installs on your phone and gives you cheap calling from your cellphone and is really an extension of the international callback services that were popular a few years ago. Run the java app, enter the number to call on your phone and you get an incoming call on your phone. Answer that and your call is then connected to the other party. I only had 2 min trial and the product isn't really suitable for the NZ market due to the high termination costs (since you are baing charged for the call to your mobile and then the destination).

It's hard to really see a market for products like this anywhere but the USA where you're not paying big $$ for mobile termination. I've got a similair setup at home right now running through my Asterisk PBX where I can send an SMS to my SMS gateway at home or access a similair page via WAP which will either ring me back on my mobile (or any other number I select) using italk VoIP and then connect me to a destination number in NZ. This means I can make a call from my mobile to another landline in NZ for 35c per minute. It also allowed me to make cheap calls when I was in Europe last year - I could send a TXT through with a landline number and get a phone call and have direct access to a dialtone to dial out.

T-Mobile bans VoIP on data plans.

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 10-May-2006 19:18

I guess it had to happen.

T-Mobile UK have announced that VoIP is a big no no on it's new 3G data plans. They've gone as far as threatening to terminate your account and disconnect your SIM card if VoIP usage is detected!


Telecom & Telstra at it again

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 18-Apr-2006 16:35

I found this story a funny read this afternoon - Telstra appear to have paid for the term AAPT in Google Adwords and a google search for prepay mobile phones.


Isn't it ironic then who owns the domain bigpond.co.nz despite Telstra owning the TM for Bigpond in NZ?

Telecom & the TSO

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 3-Apr-2006 20:01

After several years of not quite getting around to it I've finally started my blog.

This article from the Domimion Post today was rather interesting.


It was written by the father of one of my mates which is partially why it caught my attention but it does also raise the issue of whether the TSO in place in New Zealand is actually helping the country progress or actually causing us to move backwards.

Do people in New Zealand really want to pay over $40 for a line rental just to get "free" calls? With the launch of Telecom's Next Generation Network within the next year your phone line will essentially be a broadband internet connection with a VoIP phone. Phone companies and ISP's are going to be one and the same. The current Telecom TSO will not cover the NGN, what changes are made to this agreement before the launch of the NGN are going to be very interesting.

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