DVB-T is alive and well in Pukekohe

, posted: 3-Mar-2008 14:28

With very little effort and a reasonable cost, terrestrial Freeview is at my fingertips in all it's crystal clear glory!! With a Hauppauge HVR-900 plugged into either my laptop (Vista) or desktop (XPP) and my standard rooftop UHF aerial plugged into the HVR-900 (the supplied portable antenna isn't good enough in my location), all that is required is the install of PowerDVD 7 Ultra (for the codec) and DVBViewer and BINGO! Thanks to Fossie's Ultimate Guide setup couldn't be much simpler. All 14 channels are easily tuned and the varying sound formats are all fine with the above components. I am having some random lock-up issues with my desktop, I suspect due to feedback from others this is a Radeon issue, but my Nvidia laptop is fine. Microsoft, pllllllllllease build NZ DVB-T functionality into the Vista Media Centre. DVBViewer is nice, but Vista's Media Centre is so much "prettier".

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