The Pelican 1080 HardBack Case is PERFECT for the Dell XPS M1330

, posted: 7-Mar-2008 20:36

On the door step when I got home tonight was my Pelican 1080 HardBack Case, the 1080CC (with Computer Case Liner) variant rather than the Pick n Pluck foam version as I knew the fit would be tight! The fit couldn't be more perfect!! Full credit to a man from Ohio called Jim Obrin, I landed it to my door in Pukekohe, New Zealand, for under $NZ130 when they sell locallly for $275 or more! It only took 8 days to get here! I will stick 2 of the supplied foam pads to the lid near the front to cater for the wedge shape of my machine but the back is a perfect fit. The "bubbles" you can see in the liner are spongy and the height at the back of the notebook is a perfect fit. You can read about the features of the case at the link above but a waterproof, dustproof, shockproof case that doesn't add an unreasonable amount of bulk is great! Highly recommended!

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