Nokia 6121 classic BARGAIN! UMTS 900 here I come!

, posted: 15-Mar-2008 16:25

I just picked up a Nokia 6121 classic, yes that's right the only currently available 900MHz UMTS handset, for $305 off TradeMe BRAND NEW. Retail is $500! It is a Vodafone NZ one and was still in it's outer clear shrink wrap! Great phone, very small and feels well built (in Korea), the keypad is surprisingly easy to use given it's size. I have RoadSync running (for push email from Exchange) but unfortunately the ability to install it to the standby screen is reserved for E (and N?) series devices :-( (And Nokia's Mail For Exchange isn't an option for the same reason.) A Holux M-1200 Bluetooth GPS is next on the list!

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