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, posted: 1-May-2008 08:11

Well the saga continues . . . .

First this http://www.geekzone.co.nz/scottpalmer/4957

So I signed up with http://www.sherweb.com , got into 1and1 and forwarded my email addresses to my new SherWeb mailbox, all working happily and when my 1and1 service came back up I synched up Outlook and exported the pst for importing into my SherWeb account - yay all going to plan.

Then I received the automated customer satisfaction survey from 1and1 following up the "support request" I made regarding the outage, I was reasonably honest in that email but am yet to receive a reply!

I signed up with http://www.dreamhost.com on the recommendation of a few people to be my registrar, DNS and basic web hosting and requested the transfer of my domains out of 1and1, this is now a couple of days ago and I haven't heard from 1and1 confirming their receipt of the request.

About 15 - 20 hours ago I changed my DNS servers at 1and1 to DreamHost - so far these changes have not been made and now I can't even access http://admin.1and1.com to check the status of the DNS changes. My websites are also unavailable intermittently (more off than on!!!) and I am not receiving emails. This could be related to the domain transfer being in progress but I haven't been asked by 1and1 if I want to go ahead with the transfer of the domains and their main http://www.1and1.com site won't even load most of the time and when it does it is very very very slow!!!! Of course http://status.1and1.com/ sheds no light, waste of a page that is.

I also emailed 1and1 yesterday querying the cancellation charge of Exchange accounts, they expect after all this totally unacceptable service to be paid an extra month or 2 (your choice) of fees AFTER THE END OF YOUR BILLING PERIOD.


The final chapter (so far) is I have in the last few hours received an email from 1and1 advising of the pending migration of my Exchange account to Exchange 2007. THIS IS THE EXCUSE I WAS FED MULTIPLE TIMES MID LAST YEAR WHEN OWA WAS DOWN MORE THAN IT WAS UP FOR A 6 WEEK PERIOD!!!!

I can't jump from this sinking ship fast enough but they have some very big ropes holding me back!!!

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