Novatel Wireless MC990D 900MHz HSPA USB modem

, posted: 14-Oct-2008 02:54

Today I received my Novatel Wireless MC990D 900MHz HSPA USB modem from With a quite simply stunning performance it traversed the world in a matter of days and I brought my new toy home this afternoon. Novatel Wireless MC990D Installation was a walk in the park, I literally inserted my SIM card, plugged it in, OK'd the auto-run install and then hit "Connect". The manual makes mention of having to configure a profile etc but the default one is working fine. I noticed less UMTS signal strength than my Nokia E71 which had me a little concerned. It wasn't until I ventured into the middle of nowhere, where I only have 900Mhz UMTS, and realised that the modem was only connected via GPRS, that I realised it wasn't actually working on the UMTS900 band I had brought it specifically to do! Fearing the worst (return trip freight to Hungary for a replacement would be quite an expense) I emailed and within hours I had a very pleasing response. They had contacted Novatel Wireless who in an equally fast response informed them that the 900MHz UMTS connectivity is currently disabled by default in the generic version due to a lack of deployment in Europe at this point in time. They went on to inform me that Novatel Wireless are working on a utility to rectify this which they hope to be able to provide me with in a few days. I can not speak more highly of Right from the word go they have been very quick to process my order, answer my queries and now provide a prompt and satisfactory outcome to this glitch. I also commend Novatel Wireless on a well built piece of hardware with a simple but effective Windows application (MobiLink Lite) and a fix-it attitude to the problem I am currently facing (even though the marketing material and packaging makes no reference to this disablement, something they could have handled a little better) Roll on the arrival of the UMTS900 switch on utility, this GPRS is painful! MobiLink Lite

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