The bem wireless Mobile Speaker is AWESOME!

, posted: 29-Oct-2013 02:30

I have been on a roller coaster ride of speaker options over the past few years but this appears to have come to an end. Last week I discovered in JB Hi-Fi the bem wireless Mobile Speaker for only $97!

This little beast offers a fantastic combination of sound and size for price. The branding and packaging is simple but striking with a few quirky additions adding a touch of personality. There are 6 colour options and a decent looking AC adaptor, mini USB cable for charging, 3.5mm audio lead and user guide included. There is even a bem sticker, how very Apple but don't hold this against them!

The size really has to be seen to be believed, how something so small can produce the sound it does amazes me. It has a solid feel indicating good build quality but a rubbery outer which makes it comfortable to touch and hold. The size and the inbuilt rechargeable battery makes it so very portable for music anywhere you want it. Dance party volume and bass is obviously an unrealistic expectation but I was genuinely surprised by the output volume and lack of distortion even at max volume. For 1 person or whole room listening through to background music for a picnic or BBQ, this is the way to go!

I have found the bluetooth audio to be rock solid with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, from the initial pairing through re-pairing and continued streaming use. The play/pause button works as expected with the native music app and the LED indicators are informative and useful but not on the front panel where they would be distracting like on most devices.

I hadn't heard of bem before last week but a quick "Google" revealed glowing user reviews of this speaker and with my other requirements met I was quickly convinced. bem also offer a couple of other speaker products plus a small projector.

All told I can't fault this little miracle, keep up the good work bem!

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