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Remix OS to change the game

, posted: 1-Mar-2016 20:29

Hi Folks,


Tomorrow is the day that Remix OS 2.0 is being launched.


Its a indie operating system bridging the gap between mobile and desktop, It brings android with true multitasking to the x86 and x86-64 platform.


It has been running in alpha since early february and they have had some great feedback and in the last 6 weeks they have squashed 50 bugs and brought some new features. It also has a big following on There was a post on there about how great it runs on a surface pro 3. In essence saying the Microsoft have made the best android tablet hardware.


If you want to give it a go, grab a spare usb stick and load up the iso,  Also use the torrent option to reduce strain on the remix FTP servers and maximise the benefits of p2p.


Im persoally looking forward to it launching and ill post a reply with my review.



Comment by Linuxluver, on 1-Mar-2016 21:39

I've been running the alpha, too. It appeared to have a total fail on Nvidia graphics chips, but almost everything seemed to work fine. My various laptops have all been able to run it. The trackpad support is flakey, but plugging in a USB mouse sorted that. The laptop webcam worked 100% with the Google Camera app, though some features aren't there as the laptop itself doesn't have an accelerometer or gyro.   

A post on XDA explained how to set up the Google Play store...and once that was done the whole thing took on a new dimension: all those thousands and thousands of apps running on an essentially Linux desktop / laptop OS......

This experience demonstrated how rich the capabilities of our phones and tablets have become.....and the 'classic' desktop / laptop is somewhat crippled by comparison. 

I'll be downloading that beta any minute now. :-) 

Comment by MikeB4, on 2-Mar-2016 08:05

Although I have moved away from the Android ecosystem I will give this a go out of professional interest.

Comment by robjg63, on 4-Mar-2016 12:14

Heard about this a while ago - but it looked a little bit of a work in progress at the time.
Looks like its pretty polished now.
Will give it a try on an old laptop I think.

Android as a desktop with windows like ability to have multiple apps open looks like a really useful thing for many users - especially with access to google play's miriad of apps.

Comment by 1chickenbreast, on 8-Mar-2016 13:49

Had a playaround, works well for what it is.
Running static phone apps on a laptop is weird though after using UWP apps the last couple months.

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