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Add-free alternative to iHeartradio

, posted: 2-May-2018 20:26

I listen to quite a bit of radio. my biggest problem is my normal station of choice is broadcast on AM in my area.


iHeartradio is the recommended way to listen but i have some serious beef with iheartradio. Lately they have been inserting 30 second audio adds when you start listening to a station. (eg. 30 secound sound byte of latest movie in the cinemas) and the app is full of adds. to add insult to injury the streams tend to be about 2 minutes delayed from the origional stram, something that is not acceptable with talk back radio.


My solution is to use 3rd party URL streaming radio app on my mobile phone linked to the stations by URL.


I have tested a bunch of them and have settled on "customradioplayer" on android. 


Most of the urls im using are from this geekzone forum:


The biggest benefit of using 3rd party apps is that you dont have unneccessary adverts coming in via visual or audio. and the delay is only 4-8 seconds delayed from live coverage.


let me know in the comments if you prefer to stream your radio with an alternative app.



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