Wheel Of Fortune - dubious selection of letters?

, posted: 18-Jul-2008 21:31

Going on from ahmad's posts about Wheel of Fortune conspiracies...

So I was at my gran's tonight and she was watching a VCR recording of Wheel of Fortune from tonight (18th July), it's not something on my regular viewing schedule.

Anyway, in the last game, the contestant spun up the car on the mystery wheel or whatever it is they call it, in order to actually get the car the lady apparently has to solve a wheel of fortune puzzle, but the host, Jason Gunn gives her some help by guessing some initial letters.

Here's the thing, on one of the letters that did come up (ie that Jason guessed correctly), I'm pretty certain that the letter actually was displayed just a fraction before Jason actually announced the letter.

Was I seeing things, I didn't think to reply the tape to have a look while I was there.

I don't think it would have been an editing problem as the other letters seemed to display appropriately later than Jason announced them.

I suspect that the letters are not chosen by Jason at all, or at least, not "live".  A worse consideration is that this somebody knows the answer and is selecting letters to "give" which will make solving the puzzle just that much harder.

As it turns out the lady won the car, to cries from the hosts of "how did you do that!". 

Perhaps they were thinking "who hired that useless letter picker anyway!"

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Comment by corksta, on 18-Jul-2008 22:09

You'd probably be right if you saw the consonant light up before Jason had actually said it. That's because he gives the same consonants in every bonus round, so while theoretically they shouldn't light up until after he says them, every day they're exactly the same so the process is just a formality rather than being spontaneous.

Author's note by sleemanj, on 18-Jul-2008 22:19

Oh I see.  Well it's kinda stupid really.  Do they mention that fact on the show at all, I certainly was under the impression that he was *supposedly* selecting letters specifically for this puzzle.

Comment by corksta, on 18-Jul-2008 22:41

Nah they don't mention it at all, and you'd only know that if you watched it regularly. Yes, stupid is right!

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