Couple of Wigram developments.

, posted: 23-Aug-2008 15:28

A couple of articles of note from The Press regarding Wigram in the last couple of days.

The petition which I blogged about a couple of weeks back is in:

I spoke with Denis and about 3500 signatures were collected over just 10 days and with quite limited distribution, that has to tell you something, imagine the response we'd get over a longer period and with wider distribution.  Denis also mentioned he conducted a bit of a survey and the large majority of respondants were in favour of the airfield staying operational. 

He has delivered the petition and other information to the council to be heard at the AUgust 28th meeting and is trying to get an audience with a council member sometime before the meeting to further explain the situation.

I think it's quite clear that the people of Christchurch, when actually consulted, are quite against closing Wigram as an operational airfield.  Which is why the petition is asking for the Christchurch City Council to simply hold-fire on the plan change which would see a valuable city facility (past, present and future!) destroyed until it consults with the people who elected it.

The second item of interest is that the Air Force Museum has indicated that  it will prepare a grass runway on the remaining Air Force land so that the Red Checkers (and helicopters of course) team can perform at airshows, at least until the flight path becomes too crowded with housing.

If we want to keep Wigram alive, we need to keep up the pressure, please feel free to write (civil) letters to your council members to let them know that you are against the plan change.

Aside: Still no reply from the council members, or Jim Anderton (sitting MP for Wigram) on the letters I wrote to them.  I find that to be somewhat unacceptable, especially from the council members.  If the Minister of Transport for the entire country can afford to take the time to write a personal reply, you'd think the councillor for an area of a single city could at least say "thanks for the letter".

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