Council Approves Plan Change

, posted: 28-Aug-2008 20:38

No surprise:

With the plan change a sizable chunk of the airfield, including the area with all the hangars and control tower, the grass strip adjacent to the sealed strip, and I believe the eastern end of the field including what roughly appears to be the displaced threshold area are rezoned into various non aviation zonings.

I believe (although the document is hard reading) that almost all the sealed strip and immediate surrounds, right across to wigram road infact remains zone "A" for Aviation and the approach fans are in place still so technically it could still operate as an airfield, but naturally the developers can now use the fact that housing development will occur to basically the boundary as a convenient excuse to proceed with the shut down of aviation operations --- from there on it's a rubber stamp affair to get then remaining A zone changed into other zones (Living 1-3, Business, and Conservation) due to no aviation activity occuring.

Once again, the Christchurch City Council has failed the people who voted it in.  For shame those councillors who voted for a plan change to which the people you are tasked with representing are quite clearly against.

Whilst I'm certainly not one to give up without a fight, I'm not sure at this point there are any ways in which we could have an effect, with the plan change approved the council has I expect let the cat out of the proverbial and wouldn't be able to put it back even if it could be convinced to do so. 

I'm open to ideas though.

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