Vodafone doesn't want your money.

, posted: 10-Oct-2008 01:21

So my Vodafone account hit it's limit, and I go the "your call has been..." mesage when I went to check a voicemail, I hit one to pay by credit card as I always do, except it doesn't work and I got dumped to "Jason" at the graveyard shift call center. 

Simply speaking, he informed me, that the payments systems are not working, nobody has any idea when they will be working, and no, sir, there is no way to make payment so no you can not use your phone to make a call or check voicemail at this time.  Naturally I asked how this was acceptable, naturally he replied that "sir, in the terms and conditions...".

I have to admit I did know that Vodafone had been having problems today (this seems to have slipped past the media?) with pre-pay topups and credit card payments but you'd have thought it would have been fixed under 24 hours, or at least some goodwill "ok, let me just add a few dollars to your limit until the problem can be fixed since you do spend a hundred bucks or so with us each month" gesture might have been in order, hell I only needed to check voice mail, it's not like I have anybody to actually call at this time of night.



How is it NZ telecommunications companies are all so completely inept at thier jobs?  Is it a worldwide phenomenon I wonder.  Perhaps somebody should hurry up and  make that Golgafrinchan B Ark.

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Comment by lapimate, on 10-Oct-2008 21:55

Similar problem attempting to update a pre-pay first by Credit Card then last evening by texting voucher number to 887. No response to the text message until hours later today, saying the voucher could not be recognised.

In the meantime had successfully "re-charged" over the voice 'phone late last night and received a text confirmation to that.

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