Hooray! Scammers now using SMS.

, posted: 14-Oct-2008 22:17

This just in via SMS:
Congrats!! Your mobile number has won the sum of 350,000.00 Eur in this year WORLD MOBILE PROMO, For your claim,pls contact : OSCAR GOMEZ TEL: +34695758274
No Mr Gomez, I don't think I will be calling to collect my prize.  Feel free to keep it.

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Comment by muppet, on 15-Oct-2008 05:38


I wonder if we'll all have to have SpamAssassin installed on our phones in a few years time.

"Sorry I never got your text, it must have been flagged as Spam!"

At least whitelists are practical on SMS (at least I think so)

Comment by johnr, on 15-Oct-2008 13:29

I have tried ringing the above number a few times to claim on your behalf. I am waiting for the line " You have to pay the tax before its released " I will say just take it out of the 350,000 Eur

Comment by wellygary, on 16-Oct-2008 09:52

At least let your mobile provider know, then they can flag that number and if it sending multiple spams they can block it for you,

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