So long old friend.

, posted: 28-Feb-2009 19:51

Today at about half past five in the evening I was standing in the pouring rain with a tear in my eye to bid a dear old friend farewell, we had been togethor almost every day for nearly thirty years personally, although my friend was much older than I.  There were no words from me on this solemn day, there was nothing left to say that had not been said a thousand times.

That friend was Wigram and today Ngai Tahu, the large Maori "Tribe" (im my opinion they are capitalistic property developers plain and simple, there is no "Tribe" left in Ngai Tahu management, just greed) of the South Island has forced it's closure, the last flights to leave from the Wigram runways giving a well deserved parting flypast were DC3 ZK-DAK, DC3 ZK-AMY and Harvard ZK-XSA.

Ngai Tahu, the Christchurch City Council, and past Governments of both National and Labour, in short sighted greedy decisions have permitted, nay, caused the wanton destruction of yet another historic site, a recreational facility, a business hub, and a facility which was of important, perhaps strategic value in the future.

Instead, we are to believe, Ngai Tahu will be creating a new housing estate, just what the city, indeed the country needs of course is another housing development.  They have such great track records lately don't they.

ZK-AMY Starts up for the final time at Wigram
ZK-AMY Taxis past the Wigram Control Tower for the final time

ZK-AMY Leaves Wigram for the final time

ZK-AMY Final farewell flypast salute of Wigram on it's last day.

And then, it was gone.

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Comment by Cynic64, on 3-Mar-2009 11:10

Have to say I agree with your sentiments mate, I have happy memories of watching (and hearing!) Havards practicing formation flying and aerobatics over wigram in the 70's and attending the lady Wigram Trophy car racing meetings about the same time.

Let's hope the current economic downturn puts a damper on the "housing development" and that the green space can be retained.

Comment by Kiwi Pete, on 3-Mar-2009 15:15

I so much remember the Harvards on night training flights or through the day drowning out my teacher at Riccarton Primary School. Then there were those wonderful almost annual air pageants at Wigram. It was at Wigram that I saw Stirling Moss, Jack Brabham, Jim Clark, Bruce McLaren and so on race in the Lady Wigram Trophy Race.. Later in school cadets we did our ATC training flights at Wigram in a Devon. The memories keep flooding back.....

Comment by Nick Key, on 3-Mar-2009 21:01

Real gutting eh James, when I saw the DC3 do it's final low pass, man I felt real sense of loss. I also read that the Mayor was

on the one of the last planes that flew out - like he really cared about Wigram. You should make a web site about Wigram where all the facts could be on about when it was Gifted by Henry Wigram and to where it is at now etc. Hopefully the economic downturn will give the developers a kick in the guts they deserve.

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