New Kiwibank Internet Banking

, posted: 5-May-2009 22:27

So Kiwibank has started rolling out the new Internet Banking systems, and apparently I'm special enough to be on the list, here's a couple of sanitized screenshots.  Further brief review after the images...

I think I like it, it's clean and tidy, it keeps things simple, and seems pretty responsive.  It uses ajaxy dhtml sparingly but to good effect (expand out transaction details etc).

We are still stuck with the [expletive deleted!] "KeepSafe", which I hate, really, it sucks.

It also seems to be lacking the ability to open new accounts currently (Apply & Open just says it's coming soon), strange they would push it out without this as it's certainly in the old interface.  Not that I need to open a new account right now anyway and I'm sure if I did I could use the Secure Email to do it.

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Comment by RedJungle, on 6-May-2009 10:12

Looks great! hope it's a quick rollout.

Comment by grant_k, on 6-May-2009 12:53

Thanks for that review James; it's good to know what is in the pipeline.  Like you, I have been told that I am on the list as well, but haven't seen it yet.

The ease of saving Payee Details is what I find so attractive about Kiwibank's Internet Banking service as opposed to ASB.

With ASB, you have to pay extra to get Fastnet Office if you want to save Payee Details, or else you have to enter them everytime.  Whereas Kiwibank provide this facility at no extra charge.

That, and the 4 accounts with no fees that you get with Front Runner in exchange for leaving $4k sitting there, as compared to just one account with ASB in exchange for leaving $5k sitting there.

Whichever way you look at it, Kiwibank gives the best deal.

I just got one of their new VISA debit cards, and don't see any reason to bother with EFTPOS cards in future.  VISA debit does it all with just one card

Comment by manhinli, on 6-May-2009 17:37

Ohh.... I would like to try this out too!

But in the current form, Kiwibank's internet banking isn't bad, just slightly cluttered.

I also hate KeepSafe, especially now that it has been forced upon my parents who had to make up questions just to reach the requirement...

Comment by nate, on 7-May-2009 22:04

Very, very nice.

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