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, posted: 20-Jun-2009 16:26

In this weeks first (and probably last) thrilling installment of "Did You Know", where James tells you things that everybody else probably already knows...

Did you know, you can use complex boolean searches at YouTube, and get these out as an RSS feed, but that you may need to fiddle with the feed url to get it to work properly.

You can use:

  quoted strings
  parenthesis ( .... )
  "-" for negation (or is it just excluding the next word)

in searches.  For example here is a search I just conducted:

("light sport aircraft" OR (microlight OR ultralight OR lightsportaircraft OR lsa)) AND -ultralightnews

Fancy huh.  You can grab this as an RSS by using the rss link in your browser should it provide it, however take note, that YouTube seems to cut the query short in the RSS link if it's too long (and doesn't fully evaluate it either if you force it), and it does not return in the expected "most recent upload" order, so some modification of the string is necessary to make it useful.  Here's the RSS feed for the above search


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