Weird Heater Failure

, posted: 27-Oct-2009 14:50

In the depths of winter I purchased a new ceramic fan heater from The Warehouse, so probably 3, 4 months ago, just your typical cheapy oscillating 750/1500 watt thing "Evantair".

Anyway I'd noticed a while back that it had started to be running just half the element, then today it ran none of the element.

I could have taken it back, I mean, a heater should last a lot longer than that.  But I would have had to look for the receipt, which I'd probably lost long ago, and so I figured I should pull the back off and have a look.

To my surprise the fault was plainly obvious, and one I personally have not seen before, the power coupling to the element, on both active leads (one for each half) is a spade connector, or rather, was a spade connector, because both of them had literally disintegrated and fallen off, corroded to nothing.  What was left I could basically crush in to dust with my fingers. 

The male connector ends were fine, just the females were dud, and the neutral lead connectors were just fine.

So I crimped on a couple new spades and it's toasting my feet again now.

I guess it was some reaction between two different metals on the male and female ends of the connector that when the juice was applied caused one of them to corrode like that.

Maybe I should send what's left of the connectors to The Warehouse, it could conceivably be hazardous if they'd fallen off in such a way as to short the thing out.

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Comment by freitasm, on 27-Oct-2009 18:29

Cheap third world technology? The reason why it's sold at The Warehouse at cheaper prices?

Comment by johnr, on 27-Oct-2009 22:36

Sounds like some good quality heater

Comment by rscole86, on 27-Oct-2009 23:10

Why else do you think they need a permanent returns/service desk. No one else does it.

Comment by tony, on 28-Oct-2009 23:54

Is this model subject to a Recall?? (as per)

Author's note by sleemanj, on 29-Oct-2009 00:50

@tony No I don't think this is one of those models.

Comment by fredalvrez, on 29-Oct-2009 15:15

I've got one of these too - frustrating but never bothered doing anything about it, just accept it's a Warehouse item, get what you pay for.
When I get home I'm ripping that back cover off though! Cheers for the advice.

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