Damned Thieves!

, posted: 28-Nov-2009 16:20

For the 3rd time in as many months, my car has been broken into.

First time: smashed a side window, they stole 4 cans of diet coke.  I replaced the window, shrugged it off.

Second time:
knifed the soft-top, they stole another 4 or so cans of diet coke (a 1/2 empty 8 pack), and a bag of jelly beans.  I duct-taped the roof while I thought about how to fix it semi properly.  This was about 2-3 weeks ago.

Third time: today I find that they had peeled and punched their way through the duct tape.  They stole, MY TRILBY!  Not to mention letting the rain in.

You can take my coke, you can take my jelly beans, but when you take my hat that's just going too far.

I have to park my car (an MX5) on the road, and have done so, largely trouble free for years (ok, there was an incident with the kids over the road backing into it one night and needed some persuasion to own up), and then in the last 3 months, all this.  What the hell is wrong with society when you can't leave your car out for fear that somebody's going to break in and nick your trilby.

So anyway, I'm thinking I should setup a security camera or something to try and at least discourage these neer-do-wells, trouble will be though that it will need to be mounted on the front fence and there's no power out there.  I don't think I'd be able to run a 12v DC cable the required 30 meters?  Loss would be too great I'd think?

Anybody know what sort of power those wireless infrared security cameras like the above draw, how long it would run off a typical car battery?

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Comment by nzsouthernman, on 28-Nov-2009 23:03

You don't live in Cashmere, do you? My boss lives up there and has had a lot of trouble with people breaking into his soft-top Saab. Bored kids walking back home.
Anyway, how about a power-over-ethernet camera? You can buy POE injectors for under $100 that'll run a POE camera if you haven't got a POE switch, alternatly you can get a POE thingy that picks up the 48v off the POE ethernet and drops the voltage to 12v or 5v to plug into whatever you need to at the end if it's not POE capable. That might do.
If you want to know the brand let me know - I'll dig out the details at work Monday.

Comment by lapimate, on 29-Nov-2009 00:39

"Power over Ethernet" such as D-Link DWL-P200 drives line at DC 48V 0.4A, and provides DC 5V 2.5A or 12V 1A at business end, up to 328feet. Otherwise perhaps (1) use heavy speaker cable for the 12V, knowing the amps required you should be able to calculate the voltage drop over the power cable and thereby check sufficient voltage under load at the business end; or (2) calculate the voltage drop at load current and use a regulated power supply to drive the power cable at a little bit above 12V to provide 12V at business end over thinner cable. Check electrical regulations for Extra-low voltage installations.

Author's note by sleemanj, on 29-Nov-2009 01:12

@southernman - not far off, hoon hay/hillmorton.
I thought about POE and may go that way, Jaycar sells POE adapters for about $35, or these doohickeys to feed power and the video signal over cat5.
But I actually looked at some numbers, and I think that maybe I'm overestimating the kind of voltage drop I'd see over 30m.  
If I got the numbers right, somewhere under a volt loss with typical wiring (I can't imagine that the camera would draw much current).
So I'll see if I can pickup a cheapie camera and see if I can get away with just really really long dc leads.

Author's note by sleemanj, on 29-Nov-2009 01:30

And trademe has those video+power over cat5 pretty cheap.

Author's note by sleemanj, on 29-Nov-2009 01:50

I should have looked harder on trademe, ready made 40m cables are, well, readily available.

Comment by David Bell, on 29-Nov-2009 02:29

Surely you ought to learn from the first time this happened that ANYTHING left in your car will be worth something to some other scrote. Be it just a can of coke. Its easier to smash your MX-5's window/slash the roof then spend £1 in the shop.

So tip for the day - remove EVERYTHING from the car, inc all contents of the glove box, and leave the glove box open.

Let them target some other sucker who's left a cd on the seat.

Author's note by sleemanj, on 29-Nov-2009 13:09

Yes I probably should do, and leave it unlocked too.  I've seriously thought about fixing the roof by putting a (waterproofed) zipper where they slashed it.
But, are can's of coke really a pound in the UK?  That's like $2.30 NZ.

Comment by insane, on 30-Nov-2009 01:33

While not a cool as a webcam but an alarm with glassbreak and untrasonic sensor would work better to stop the theft before it happens, otherwise you'll only get to watch the replay. $229 Mongoose MAP80GNZ , from Trademe , 5 Star rating.

Comment by Garvani, on 30-Nov-2009 15:06

geez its hard enough to get a can of coke around here for under $2, so i wouldnt be suprised if it is £1.
Anyways if you get video of them b&e'ing you will have to share it!

Comment by bigal_nz, on 30-Nov-2009 21:00

The problem you will have is getting a good pic of them at night. Yes I know there are those low lux cameras and cameras with IR illumination but they will draw more current and your going to need a good face shot to make the baddie reogniseable.

Its a good idea and I dont want to put you off, and it can be done, just might not be as easy as you think, or as cheap!



Author's note by sleemanj, on 30-Nov-2009 21:37

I picked up one of the wireless kits of trademe as illustrated in the main blog post above.
My plan is to see if I can run it off a car battery using an alarm motion sensor so it's not running permanantly, easier/tidier than running cable.  
I figure even if the camera draws say 1/2 an amp, I should easily get a week or two motion-detected operation off a charge, and I suspect it may draw closer to 1/4 an amp.
Will be interesting to see how well it works in practice.  Will report back!

Comment by Anon, on 1-Dec-2009 10:43

Have a look here and see if they have something you might want to use. http://www.mi5.co.nz/

Comment by insane, on 2-Dec-2009 00:59

$5 says they will steal the camera along with the diet coke (bait) :D

Author's note by sleemanj, on 2-Dec-2009 01:29



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