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, posted: 5-Jan-2010 21:39

Firstly, Geekzone sucks ass because it has yet again logged me out after typing a long blog entry, causing me to lose all the work.  Come on guys, this isn't rocket science to retain posted information when requiring a user re-login and then repost it after the user has logged in, I've been doing it in my web applications for the last DECADE.

Anyway to the story...

If you have a Brother inkjet printer, specifically a DCP-130C or other model which use LC 57 cartridges.  You can save yourself an enormous amount of money, and refill your own cartridges in about 2 minutes for about $2 each, mess free unless you cock up like I did.

Here are some (all?) models which use this type of cartridge...


Buy your bulk Brother type refill ink in squeeze bottles from these places: The Warehouse if they have any (I think they are not stocking it any more, I've seen a few boxes of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow around Christchurch), who are the  people who posted how to do this originally, from Melco Technologies (you don't need the CISS system, just the ink, same as bought from The Warehouse), or even from TradeMe

I found the instructions here

Here are my condensed step by step notes using some of their images:

  1. Score all around the cartridge shell's seam with a pocket knife, slicing through the label.

  2. Prise apart the shell, this is just a shell you're not going to get inky.

  3. Inside there is an inner cartridge, arrange it to look like below (if your inner is attached the left side shell, just prise it out and flip it so it looks just like below).

  4. Prick a hole where the pin is shown here.  I actually used a teeny drill bit and twirled it in my fingers.  Don't go through both sides!

  5. Where the yellow dot is below (not where the pin is, although maybe that works too) make a hole just big enough for the tip of the nozzle on the squeeze bottle of ink, I used a small drill bit about 3 to 4 mm diameter, twirled with my fingers.
  6. Now, fit the tip of the squeeze bottle in your hole, and, well, fill er up (holding the cartridge as upright as possible).  You want to fill it so that the cavity with that black lever looking thing is basically full.
  7. Clean off the plastic cover REAL GOOD, I mean, it, where you made those holes, clean it, make sure it's totally clean and dry. 
  8. Cut a couple bits of tape (I used electrical tape, because it's easy to see to remove it next time, and quite sticky), and securely fasten them across the holes, make sure it's good and stuck.
  9. Put the cover back togethor, a couple bits of tape to hold it.  And insert back into the printer.  THAT IS IT.  No fiddling with chips or anything, these cartridges are GREAT, just dumb receptacles of ink, like they should be.
ONE TIP - pay attention to the cleaning in step 7, and always hold the cartridges upright.  I think the ink dissolved the adhesive on the crappy budget sellotape I used first because I didn't clean it good enough, and because I didn't hold it upright when taking it to the printer, I wound up with cyan coloured fingers.  Oops.  Follow these two rules, and you won't look like a bank robber for the next couple of days.


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