Acer Aspire One 12 Cell (10400mAh) Battery - fact or fiction?

, posted: 9-Feb-2010 13:47

So last week I got myself a second hand Acer Aspire One.  First up, it's awesome, small, fast and silent (after installing a better fan control). 

I installed Ubuntu Netbook Remix on it, and, after some frustrating arsing about because the hard drive has a few bad sectors (in the end, I just partitioned about about 40g, I don't need space anyway, it doesn't appear to be getting worse), it's even more awsome.  UNR is really sweet, especially when I added Google Chrome, that browser really works well on a netbooks small screen.

Anyway, it's only got the 3 cell battery, and it's down to about 70-80% it's original charge capacity.  I want a LONG battery life, for reasons which are unimportant, 8 hours is OK, more is better.

Until today I thought that the batteries (aftermarket) only went to 9 cell, 7200mAh, which are quite large but give that 8 hours or so life (well, with WIFI off, more like 6 with it on I think). These can be readily purchased from TradeMe or cheaper from somewhere like deal extreme.

Then today I happened across a few ads for 12 cell batteries with a (supposed) WHOPPING 10400mAh, here at dhgate and here at ebay, now my mum always said, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

I know there are some pretty dodgy batteries come out of China, where they are either really poor quality which die miserably early, or are simply not what they claimed to be (just slapped bigger numbers on the label).

So my question, fellow Aspire One lovers, has anybody actually obtained and tested one of these 12 cell monsters?  Is it what it claims to be?

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Comment by joker97, on 10-Feb-2010 07:17

it should last as it says. i have a 24000mAh battery the size of a usb drive. it's a portable psp charger.

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