Vodafone Website Failure Fails

, posted: 1-Mar-2010 14:16

So I tried to make a credit card payment on the Vodafone website, after battling through the mollasses slow website and submitting my details, and waiting while they got processed, I got this very helpful error...

fascinating.  Now, how am I supposed to know what that means, and what I shoudl do, did my payment work, should I try again, has it debvited my card and directed the profit to a swiss bank account never to be seen again? 

Taking my chances, I tried again, and it worked this time.  So I thought I'd better let Vodafone know so they can check if I'm being billed twice now, I use the email contact form, give them all the details, upload a screenshot of the error. 

Submit the question and that works ok, then the website asks if I'd like to be able to get the responses, well, hell yea I would, so I supply my name and a chosen password, click the button, and... yes, another very helpful error...

so an error occurred eh, wouldn't happen to know WHAT error exactly?  And how I can fix it?

Is vodafone's website:
  a) slow
  b) buggy
  c) incomprensible
  d) all of the above

I vigorously encircle d.

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Comment by bruce, on 1-Mar-2010 15:40

I topup via the web about once a month,
in the last 6months i've been unable to use creditcard topup about half the times i've tried.
- I sent them an email, never heard back,
- couldn't ring 777 (because they want me to pay to talk to them... and i needed to top up!)
- finally thought of sending a tweet to @vodafonenz and finally got a response

whole process was a waste of time.
i vote for D

Comment by Dave, on 1-Mar-2010 16:03

Yes it is awful and has been for years. I have seen the exact same error when trying to pay online, sent off a feedback form on their web site and heard nothing back. Their knowledgebase is just as bad, last time I used it there were so many links that went to old information or error pages.

Comment by freitasm, on 1-Mar-2010 18:23

the vodafone website has been appalling for years. Once I tried logging in to check balance of on-account and got database errors all over. I won't continue the story though. It turns uglier. The reason why I am no longer a Vodafone customer (my wife still is).

Comment by jason brown, on 1-Mar-2010 18:27

Vodafone website? Don't On some pages, login is with 021... other pages it's 6421... no consistency, poor performance, crashes ...

Comment by alasta, on 1-Mar-2010 18:46

Like Bruce, about 50% of the time when I attempt to pay my bill online via credit card it fails and I end up having to use Internet banking instead. It must be wasting a huge amount of time in their credit control department, chasing up people who are happy to pay but can't because Vodafone won't take their money and won't respond to their requests for help.

Comment by johnr, on 1-Mar-2010 21:03

The issues are known that is why the whole lot is getting binned and a complete new MYA is in build now..First stages will be rolling out soon

Comment by skewt, on 1-Mar-2010 21:38

I have this problem on Telecom, no matter how many times I try credit card payment, it always declines instantly, tried to query it via phone and email but both dead ends since no one could tell me whats going wrong

Comment by robscovell, on 1-Mar-2010 21:39

@johnr -- wow! Good to know! Looking forward to it!

Comment by Dratsab, on 1-Mar-2010 21:47

I generally try and stay away from the Vodafone because it is so bad.  I've always thought it was an exceptionally poor effort for a communications company, so it's good to hear they're actually doing something about it at last.

Thanks for the update John!

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