Brian Tamaki: I AM GOD

, posted: 5-Mar-2010 23:01

On Nightline (was it on Campbell, I didn't see) a clip with Tamaki loudly proclaiming "I AM GOD".

Clearly, Tamaki has surpassed manipulative, and is now into sheer insanity.

Before, I would write Tamaki off as just a cunning guy who stumbled on a good thing, now though, now he has stepped a line, I have this terrible fear that he has become somebody very dangerous.

The people who still follow him, must now be devoutly doing so, for no clear minded person could continue to accept this sort of proclamation, "I AM GOD", this must be a fundamental problem, surely if you are a follower of the christian faith, a believer in the bible [I'm not, but I respect your choice to be], you can under no circumstances accept for even one moment, when Tamaki says "I AM GOD".

He is not saying that he is the voice of god, no, he is saying, quite literally "I AM GOD". He clearly intends to convince that he is all powerful.

I can only hope this was selective editing out of context... I hope that's what it is.

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Comment by Nathan, on 6-Mar-2010 01:23

I think you'll find he is actually just quoting the bible, which really goes to make the whole thing a lot less scandalous.

For reference;

Author's note by sleemanj, on 6-Mar-2010 02:58

Was he?  From the website

Bishop Brian Tamaki is the physical manifestation of God.

Comment by Nathan, on 6-Mar-2010 10:35

I see. Well that certainly is somewhat concerning. I can only hope that this article is not accurate either, because when I read it the alarm bells in my head started screaming at me;

Comment by alasta, on 6-Mar-2010 12:03

I'm impressed that he's gone from being a bishop, to a king, to god in such a short space of time.

Comment by MakX, on 6-Mar-2010 17:36

Only true idiots would believe this con artist. I got a good laugh out of his website.

Comment by Edmund, on 6-Mar-2010 19:16

It doesn't surprise me he has gone from mad to completely insane in such a short period of time. My main concern is a repeat of Jonestown or Waco.

Comment by NonprayingMantis, on 7-Mar-2010 14:53

according to many christians,  Jesus was the 'physical manifestation' of god,  and, if they beleive int he seocnd coming then thereis no reason why Brian Tamaki is not god.

I respect people's right to believe whatever they like,  but if a person already believes in the stories in the bible (rib womnen, talking snakes, magical fish, talking trees et cetc),  then Brian Tamaki being god actually sounds more likely to be true than some of those stories.

Comment by johnr, on 7-Mar-2010 22:31

I am the Tooth Fairy!!

Comment by simon14, on 8-Mar-2010 09:33

John Campbel is getting a hammering by angry Destiny Church fans:

I personally think Campbel is the man!

Comment by tim oliver, on 8-Mar-2010 14:25

I think this is a fake site - it's hosted differently and the registration is elsewhere too.

Comment by God, on 9-Mar-2010 12:16

He's not the Messiah. He's a very naughty boy!

Comment by bruce aldridge, on 9-Mar-2010 12:25

not that i want to defend tamaki (not by a long shot!)

but that site ( looks very fake

all links point to the destinychurch website, i cant find any that point back (not that i looked hard) it used to link to the stylesheet, but now its in the same html.

plus its not even on the same server

Author's note by sleemanj, on 9-Mar-2010 12:49

I guess it COULD be a fake site, but doesn't seem that likely to me, I mean, what's the point of it, seems more likely that it's a "landing page" site for search engine purposes.

Comment by Quidam, on 9-Mar-2010 13:14

Personally, I celebrate the man.

I'm also going to offer some practical advise to the individuals on this website, who by the disrespectful tone of their posts obviously don't have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ:

There are some awesome deals on trademe right now for pre-loved covenant rings. I picked mine up real cheap.

What are you waiting for?!?

Comment by Quidam, on 9-Mar-2010 17:47

I've done the hard work for you:

I have it on good authority Brian made alot of money when he first sold these rings, so you DO NOT have to feel guilty about ripping him off by buying second hand

$1 reserve!!!!!

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