Age Discrimination in NZ (Travel) Visa Rules

, posted: 27-Aug-2010 15:09

So, I noted today that a new Working Visa exchange programme has been established with Brazil which allows up to 300 people (each way I assume) to spend a year in the other country working themselves around the place.

Catch is, it's only available until you are 30, if you are 30 or older no go.

There are other similar programmes, for example with Canada.  

The thought struck me as I read this article that surely for the NZ side of things this is a clearly discriminatory practice on the basis of age alone, clearly if somebody is 29 or 31 they are still entirely and equally capable of working in and learning about and enjoying the hospitality of the other country.  

And why 30, why such an arbitrary age.  Am I over the hill and careening down the other side because I'm 33, should I be searching for a Zimmer Frame instead of a new car?

As a society we often bemoan a "brain drain" of our new graduates etc, and yet here the government actively promotes such "go live in another country, but you're pretty much going to have to do it as soon as you've finished your degree".

I just think it's a very strange thing over all, these age limited Visa programmes.


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