Reckon/Quicken BOOOO!, Virtualisation YAAAY!

, posted: 25-Oct-2010 00:44

So, it's coming up to the 28th and I'm supposed to be all organised by now for the transitional GST returns.  But I'm not as usual.  An update of Quickbooks was in order for this year given the GST changes etc.  So, $500 later, which isn't as bad as it seems since it's the first upgrade in some years and I'm ready to install.

Installing Quickbooks when you are a few versions behind, is, tedious.  First, an upgrade to a trial version (included) of a middle version is necessary, then update the "company file", then you can upgrade to the full version and update the company file again.  At all stages taking careful notes of everything, and verifying that everything is as it should be, and cleaning up as you go along.

Because I run my finance stuff in a virtual machine for easy backup I made sure to take snapshots at strategic places incase something went horribly wrong.

Then came time to do the GST update.  Reckon/Quicken supply a GST update patch for this, so, I download and install the patch... 50% of it, then the updater crashes out because some file couldn't be updated.  Rebooted.  Tried QB.  It's D-O-A.

Virtualisation to the rescue, backup to the snapshot I took!

I thought it might have been because I was low on space on the virtual drive. So I enlarged the virtual drive.  

Installed the update in the newly enbiggened drive.  Nope, 50% and dies again.

Revert to snap shot again.

Install, ccCleaner and clean stuff up.  Install again.  Dead again.

Revert to snap shot again!

Notice that ccCleaner shows a startup process for some QB service.  Surely the installer wouldn't be stupid enough to let.... no this is Reckon, it would be.  Stop the process.  Installs fine.  Now to be fair, when I re-read the README stuff with the update exe it does mention you may need to stop a service, although how non-techs would know what this meant, I don't know.  Come on Quicken, couldn't your installer have simply checked for the processes and refused to proceed instead of screwing up the system?!

Ok, so now I need to update the company file, I tell it to do so.  It asks if I want it to change the prices of the items, well, no I don't because in this case the prices are GST inclusive and not changing, of course the GST rate will still change... right?  No.  Once update is complete I look at the items, and the price is the same all right, but it's using the 12.5% "Transition" rate, why Quicken, WHY would I want THAT?!

Revert to pre-gst-update snap shot again to try the other way.

Install update.  Damn, forgot to kill the service!  Revert to snap shot again!
Times like this, I wish Xero was just that BIT more capable for the tasks I need it to do!  Unfortunately, it's not yet (see previous blog posts on the subject).

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