Salvation, thy name is TestDisk!

, posted: 6-Jun-2011 12:08

Last night, my Ubuntu 10.10 workstation had a hissy fit for some reason and one of the USB drives wouldn't come online, unfortunately it was the 500GB USB (ext3) drive with all my MP3 files, backup stuff, torrents etc, fortunately this stuff isn't vitally important to my business, but it would have been a real bummer to have lost it.

To cut a long story short, involving chekcing logs, pulling hair, and googling I determined that at least the partition table was seriously destroyed on the drive somehow; I tried a few things, but I didn't have anywhere to put a full device dump so couldn't be too radical with experimentation with what I tried in case I made the problem worse.

Enter a tool that Google stumbled me upon, TestDisk , what a little ripper, in a few simple key-taps it had found the partition, and was letting me browse the files on it to ensure it was correct, confirmed, and it writes a fixed partition table.  

Thanks TestDisk, if I wasn't an atheist, you'd be giving god a good run for his money in the miracles department.

Now to e2fsck.

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