New Keyboard Hell

, posted: 30-Jun-2011 15:38

Gah.  My old wireless keyboard gave up the ghost yesterday (with some help from a cup of tea), so today I went and bought a new one.

My mistake, was that I bought a 2.4ghz wireless keyboard and mouse, which despite being the Warehouse "cyber" job is quite nice, unfortunately, it has the cursor keys, insert, home etc scrunched up vertically against the main keys.  

As a result every time I go to hit backspace I hit the Home key instead, then I find backspace but of course I've homed to the wrong place in the line by then and have to go find the end button... and hence forth my fingers get totally confused.  Who's brilliant idea was it to put home right next to backspace!

Damn, this is going to take a while to get used to.

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Author's note by sleemanj, on 30-Jun-2011 19:06


I've remapped the Home button so it's out of the way on one of the (not useful windows keys) but, damn this is SO FREAKING TEDIOUS to code with with the arrow keys all in the wrong place.  


Comment by dontpanic42, on 30-Jun-2011 21:18

I hear ya brother.
Don't you just love it when manufacturers try to be all efficient and such by bunching keys up in the name of saving space? Grrrrr.

Comment by chiefie, on 1-Jul-2011 08:47

Get a better keyboard.

Author's note by sleemanj, on 1-Jul-2011 17:04

I gave up.  Took the keyboard back to The Warehouse and went to DSE where after spending about 1/2 an hour looking at the different keyboards, I decided on a Logitech MK320.

It is almost standard except for the Ins/Del/Hom/End/PgUp/PgDn layout, which is slightly re-arranged with a tall delete.

So far, so good, it seems to be more muscle memory friendly.


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