How long does your strip last?

, posted: 11-Oct-2011 15:33

I just had to order a new EFTPOS card, my current one lasted just over a year, it is so worn out that the mag stripe is physically worn off in places, right through to the base media, the signature is long gone from the panel, the printing on the back is worn off, and the laminations front and back are starting to peel away too.

Not that I mind particularly, as long as Kiwibank waive the fee, but it is pretty inconvenient not having the card for a few days while they punch out a new one.

I don't carry cash, so I use my card at least once a day, it lives with my other cards, in my pocket.  Those other cards don't get as much use, which is lucky because when my EFTPOS refuses to work I can rely on my credit card to be functional.

So how long do your cards survive people?  Are there any that you have noticed are worse than others in the longevity stakes?

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Comment by gcorgnet, on 11-Oct-2011 15:49

Try a wallet!

Comment by tchart, on 11-Oct-2011 15:52

Dont know but they seem to not be as hardy as they once were. I had the same ASB eftpos card from 1999 until earlier this year, never had any problems. Ive had to replace my National one several times in the past few years...

Comment by tonyhughes, on 11-Oct-2011 16:05

I have three working Kiwibank EFTPOS cards. Had to tell some porkies to make that happen.

Normally only use one, and would say I am a medium user, who uses EFTPOS for most transactions.

Sig wears off after a couple months, strip lasts me 2 years.

Comment by scuwp, on 11-Oct-2011 16:39

I have to agree with tchart, the old ASB ones seemed to last forever.  I would have to say nowdays I am looking to get a replacement approx 12 - 18 months.  Mine lives in my wallet and gets used almost daily.  What I hate the most is that when you ask for a replacement they make you feel like some abnormal citizen who has just asked for their first unborn child.  Never had to pay a replacement fee yet, but they do always make out they are doing you a big favour.

Comment by Linuxluver, on 11-Oct-2011 22:28

The cards seem to last about 2 years. Occasionally less. Sometimes more. 

When it gets too worn, I order a new card. If they charge me for that, I pay.

Comment by Geebill, on 12-Oct-2011 18:40

Had one which lasted for many years, the next was playing up within a few months! It had something to do with working in a dusty environment (cement dust!) with my wallet in my pocket.

It took a few vsits to the bank before I was received some sympathy and got a replacement without paying the fee.

The new one still resides in my wallet but has a plastic cover now and is lasting much better (over two years so far).

Comment by Bung, on 13-Oct-2011 09:39

I have noticed that BNZ cards aren't lasting as long as they used to. I've had no problem getting replacements sent out. I've tried taping the new card but sooner or later there'll be a reader with a problem and some know it all on the checkout will insist that the tape has to come off.

Annoyingly the readers haven't standardised the reading side of the slot. I wonder if running the card through the wrong way adds to the wear.

Comment by Shaun, on 14-Oct-2011 22:06

Mine used to wear out pretty fast... But ever since ive had one with a chip, and not been swiping it, its lasted much longer.

Comment by jonb, on 14-Oct-2011 22:50

I got a new ASB one about six months ago, and it no longer works in the veggie shop I go to once a week, it's ok in most other places still.  My Warehouse (Westpac) mastercard wears out after a few months aswell, and almost always needs a paper receipt wrapped around it to work.  I put a strip of sellotape over the previous card, and that seemed to do the trick..  Hopefully get a chip card soon that should stop the problem, and this is with keeping them in a wallet..

Comment by new2nz, on 16-Oct-2011 18:59

I get about 2 years on the ASB ones, and the when they wear out I just pop to the local branch and give the lady a stern look and a complaint about how the card doesn't work and how dare they give me sub standard card and blah blah blah embarrassment when I was buying my children buying sweets in the dairy etc..

Comment by Itr0nic, on 17-Oct-2011 18:14

I have had my Westpac one for just over 2 years and its good as new , Altho my KiwiBank Debt plus card i have replaced 3 times  , Normally the 3 digit code goes first then the signature and by that time the black strip is slowly not working in eftpos machines

My cards are kept in a hard case kind of like a business holder

Comment by timmmay, on 18-Oct-2011 12:32

Use a wallet. My old ASB eftpos cards are ancient and work fine. ASB credit cards, on the other hand, sometimes have problems even when they're brand new.

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