People are Strange (Google+)

, posted: 18-Oct-2011 22:16

When Google+ was released, I joined up, I'm not one for social networking, or networking (of the people kind) of any type really, but hey, it was Google and at the time it wasn't full of young beautiful vapid facebook type people, I had vain hope that it might become, to coin a phrase from an ipredict forum thread, "an elite ghetto".

Where am I going with this.  Oh right.  Anyway, I made a couple of posts to my feed or whatever you call it, and I was found by some people who I had worked with in the past and they added me in the first couple of days, I added them back.

After that, I pretty much forgot about it, like I say, not big on the whole putting-your-life-out-there thing, work is more important.

So today, I had to login to my gmail account, which I use just as a "something is borked with my regular mail, try sending from gmail" and hadn't looked at in ages, there were piles, and PILES of messages informing me that so-and-so had added me to their circles.

Looking at my circles, it tells me that 946 people, that's NINE HUNDRED AND FORTY SIX, people have added me to their circles.  Seriously.  946.  And I don't know ANY of them that I can see in a quick face-scan.  Why?!  Why are these people adding me to their circles.  At first I thought "probably a new take on marketing spam or something", but I clicked through to a few profiles, and... they just seem like normal profiles. 

My only assumption is that people are just blithly adding any possible remote suggestion that Google has as for people they might know in some way, and that eventually my name (and by extention eventually every other person on the planet) comes up in that suggestion list.

That is retarded!  Why would people do that.  Not only do they not know me from a bar of soap, but I'M JUST NOT THAT INTERESTING. In fact, I'm not interesting at all!  Think of something really amazingly interesting, and I am the absolute opposite.

I think this is the URL to my profile or something...

Gah.  I just don't get people.

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Comment by lulz, on 19-Oct-2011 00:55

some person with clout probably included you as a professional in a cricle and posted it... anyone adopting that circle circled you as well.

it's not like anyone reviewed your profile and thougth you look especially interesting. someone you knew thought you were interesting.

try posting something interesting about your work and you just might get some good feedback (=

Comment by chiefie, on 19-Oct-2011 09:28

Completely agree... I have people that I have no idea who they are, just keep adding and adding and adding...

Comment by kiwitrc, on 19-Oct-2011 11:53

Didnt know you were on G+, just added you.

Comment by Linuxluver, on 20-Oct-2011 08:20

On G+ the only way to see any content is to add people to your circles. No messages in your timeline. So you add lots and lots of people...and the people who never post aren't visible and you don't care. The people who do post are visible and you make a call as to whether you want to see their stuff or not. 

I started off by chucking 500 people into a new "holding bin" 1, 2, 3 - whatever - circle each day. Those who followed back got added to a another, more permanent circle. Those who post interesting stuff also got added to more permanent circles. Every 2-3 weeks i roll through and delete the holding bins.

I've ended up with a fairly solid stream of interesting stuff to read that I actually read.

Basically, you grab everything...and then pare it back to the good stuff. It seems to work. The content - IMHO - is higher waulity than Twitter.   

Someone starting today probably doesn't have to go through that process as you can now use search quite effectively to find people and posts on topics of interest. For the first couple of months in closed beta it wasn't possible to finding good content was more difficult, forcing the strategy described above.   

I don't know most of the people I follow...but I'm getting to know them.

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