Earth to BNZ: Disk space is not an endangered species!

, posted: 20-Oct-2011 15:43

A long long time ago, I had a couple of BNZ banking accounts, and I also had a BNZ credit card.  Back in the day, the BNZ internet banking was pretty lack-lustre, you couldn't transfer to other people ("Internet Banking Payment" in the modern parlance), and mostly the number of transactions you could view in the reports was only a few months.

Anyway, I closed the normal banking accounts with them long ago and went to Kiwibank who did not suffer any of these issues, but I kept the credit card.  Through a cock-up at the BNZ call center back in the day, they messed up the internet banking on the credit card when they closed the other accounts.  

I had forgotten about those limitations by now, and you'd think that they'd both have been fixed by now, probably at LEAST 5, maybe 8 years later, I mean, at the time the other banks I was using, WESTPAC and Kiwibank both did not have limits on the transaction history.

So today, since I'm procrastinating on my GST return, I decided to pay a visit to BNZ and get the Internet access reinstated on that card so I could download the last 6 months transactions, filter them in a spreadsheet, and enter them as appropriate.

Getting the access added was no trouble, it apparently just needed a password reset.  The guy told me about a special code-sheet card (multi factor authentication) which would be sent out, but I could skip that for the next month.  All good.

I come back home, and after procrastinating some more, login to the BNZ banking and select the date range for transactions, 1/4/2011 to 30/9/2011.  It gives me 2 pages.  Hmm.  You're kidding.  The limitation still exists, it doesn't give me any transactions from before July 2011!  

I try the Export function instead, figuring that at least THAT should give you what you want, right?  NO!  If you want a transaction older than July, you must be crazy, the world obviously didn't exist before July according to the BNZ.  Oh it lets you select 1/4/2011 as the start date, it even tells you it is showing or exporting transactions from that date, but it doesn't actually do it!

BNZ, what, are you running this server on a 30 megabyte MFM hard drive or something?  Is disk space really that limited?  Come on!  Seriously now!

PS: I also found the "Download Statements" link.  Guess what, if you wanted to download a statement from more than 12 months ago, you must be mentally deranged because clearly humanity had not evolved to the point of a banking system before July 2010 at the earliest.  And they are PDFs.  Good luck getting that into a spreadsheet or accounts system without retyping. 

High time I closed out this BNZ nonsense and went with a bank that has internet banking at it's forefront.  One of these days I will stop procrastinating and get around to it.  And my GST.

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Comment by muppet, on 20-Oct-2011 16:23

Wow that's pretty crazy. Even the banks in the UK (the slowest of the slow snails, imho) have a semi-decent function to do this.

That said, I just looked at our ASB account and it only lets me go back two years.

Comment by codyc1515, on 20-Oct-2011 18:30

Strange, I am pretty sure you should be able to get the records considering that I think they have to keep them for 7 years.

Comment by nickb800, on 20-Oct-2011 18:38

The pace of the banks online banking is appalling. Westpac have been pretty good in my experience, but i remember with National Bank when you had to call up/visit a branch to setup a bill payee or AP

Author's note by sleemanj, on 20-Oct-2011 18:48


Oh, I am certain they will have the records, they just don't have them available to you online.  And that's probably the crux of the matter, some bean counter has said "we can't put that online! if we put it online, how will we charge the $XX to give the punters a printed copy!"

Comment by graemeh, on 21-Oct-2011 09:25

ANZ internet banking is even worse, they only go back 90 days.

They don't charge for statement reprints though so you can go into a branch and they will print the statements you need for nothing.

Comment by K Hodgson, on 21-Oct-2011 09:26

I closed my BNZ credit card account 2 years ago with the obvius $0 balance, and was greatly suprised to recieve a text message from them saying that my account was overdue for payment. When I rang them they couldn't find my details via my mobile number. It wasn't until they plugged in my old address did they find me so that they could delete my mobile number from their system. Although they were very appologetic this proves that their systems are pretty antiquated and are not showing staff correct information for their customers!

Comment by raytaylor, on 21-Oct-2011 13:03

Baywide credit union lets me go back i think up to 5 years. Since i started banking with them.

ANZ limits me to 3 months.

Comment by Behodar, on 21-Oct-2011 14:25

My Westpac online banking shows transactions back to March 1998, which is probably when my old Trust Bank account was brought across to WestpacTrust.

Author's note by sleemanj, on 21-Oct-2011 14:43

The Westpac account I have access to goes back to 27 July 1998 in the standard account transaction listing, that first transaction being the transfer from Trust Bank.

I just checked my Kiwibank accounts and they can go back to April 2010 in a standard account listing, but you can download monthly statements right back to when I opened the account in PDF or XML format - the XML format is nicely done and human understandable, would be trivial to make it into a CSV or whatever for feeding to a spreadsheet.

Comment by rhy7s, on 23-Oct-2011 10:54

I also have ANZ and KiwiBank accounts, the 3 month records with ANZ are one of the main reasons I closed most of my accounts with them. I only noticed recently that KiwiBank only do 18 months though before it reverts to statements which is a bit frustrating.

Comment by richms, on 25-Oct-2011 19:55

Statement reprints are worthless, I want things in a format I can do something with.

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