Coke Zero with Vanilla

, posted: 4-Nov-2011 15:42

A new Coke flavour just got released, or at least I just saw it today in P&S.  Coke Zero Vanilla.

Verdict: nice, but not as good as the old Diet Coke with Vanilla.  I miss Diet Coke with Vanilla.  Vanilla Zero is somehow, harder, not as "smooth" tasting as I remember DCwV.

C'mon Coke, bring back DCwV!

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Comment by PimpMyMagic, on 5-Nov-2011 15:37

I say - Put enough rum in it and it's pretty inconsequential.   

Comment by Ragnor, on 7-Nov-2011 12:47

Agreed, not bad but not as good as standard Coke Vanilla.

Tough choice cancer from the artificial sweetener or diabetes from the sugar!

Wonder how this Coke Zero Vanilla tastes with JD's.....

Comment by allan, on 7-Nov-2011 13:17

Isn't Coke Zero just the blokes marketing name for Diet Coke? I mean do blokes purchase diet anything?

Author's note by sleemanj, on 7-Nov-2011 17:01

Have to take your word on that, I take my coke unadulterated by alcomohol :-)

Being a type 1 diabetic, I'll take the exceptionally remote chance of an aspartame related cancer :-)

No, Zero and Diet have a different taste entirely.  I gladly drink either, also I'm quite partial to Pepsi MAX.

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