Retailification of service stations (Z / Shell)

, posted: 25-Nov-2011 16:16

So today I filled up my bike at a Shell station, specifically, Shell Blenheim/Curletts road in Christchurch, and after I had paid the usual exorbitant amount for the tank of gas, I got on my bike, put on my helmet, and my gloves, and pressed the starter.  

It didn't start.  

I tried again.

It didn't start.

I turned the lights off (headlight laws and dicky charging systems do not go together well) and tried again.  Still no go.  

I tried some various other things, but long story short, the battery just didn't have enough grunt to spin the engine fast enough to get vacuum going to get fuel to the carb (bike has a vacuum fuel cutoff) and to get it to fire, a jump would probably do it.

So, no problem thinks I, I'm on the forecourt of a service station, I'll just borrow their jump start pack, surely they have one, I mean, it's a service station and I expect people having trouble starting is a common enough occurance after filling up, why wouldn't they have a jump start pack.

Oh, they had one all right...
"you'll have to buy one",  
"but I only want to use one for 10 seconds to start my bike so I can get it home"
"sorry, we only sell them"

Sod that.  So I parked the bike around the back and walked the 4k's home.

Bring back the small garages, the places where the people working there actually know about vehicles, who are helpful, who have even the most basic tools and ability to assist their customers who might need a helping hand after spending thousands of dollars with them over the years.

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Comment by freitasm, on 25-Nov-2011 19:07

Most petrol stations these are only interested in selling "gourmet" coffee anyway. You should be happy this one even had a starter pack!

Comment by networkn, on 25-Nov-2011 20:57

Hi There!

Sorry to say you'll be hard pressed to find one, try getting a map!

If you didn't like the price of Fuel, imagine what it would cost if they had to provide these "extra's" too? I am not disagreeing with you at all, but it would increase the prices most likely. 

Alternatively, find the owner and write a constructive case for them having some essential loan items, but my gut says unlikely.

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