Stripping Signature Images from IMAP

, posted: 21-Mar-2012 11:28

Dear world, could all you people who just LOVE putting loads of embedded inline images in your email signature, or using "cool" "email stationary", please just stop it.  

  1. takes up space, especially when you email me like 20 times a day, and we inevitably end up with reply stacked on reply because I forget to delete your signature so that replies are containing many copies of the inline images
  2. causes problems for email clients like my Thunderbird which quite often gets stuck trying to re-attach your inline signature images when I reply
  3. is just a complete and utter waste of time, nobody reads those damn things, even if they do, they don't need to read them EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU SEND THEM AN EMAIL

Alternatively, has anybody got a good solution for Thunderbird, or IMAP in general, that can be used to strip only signature images (perhaps by determining common occurrences of images across emails or something) from messages automatically?


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Comment by Not the oatmeal, on 21-Mar-2012 11:57

Fourth one down:

Author's note by sleemanj, on 21-Mar-2012 12:30


Yes.  To ALL of those.

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