Uses for a shattered LCD monitor.

, posted: 21-Jul-2012 01:55

I write this looking at my old faithful 17" CRT which has been stored in the shed since I went LCD about 5 years ago, reason being my 22" Viewsonic took a little trip off the back of my desk to see the corner of a toolbox sitting on the floor. 

Unfortunately the LCD is, to put it politely, a rainbow full of stuffed.  However apart from that it is fine, backlights still good, driver circuitry, power supply etc all still good.  

I guess I could look out for another Viewsonic 2235WM with a good LCD but some other fault and make a good one out of the two, but with LCD's so cheap these days it hardly seems worth it, or particularly likely.

Can anybody think of something more interesting I could use the remains for.

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Comment by GeekGuy, on 21-Jul-2012 13:01

Make a sort of geek side table out of it !
A glass panel for the top and add some sort of leg[s] for it.

Comment by semigeek, on 23-Jul-2012 20:14

Maybe a picture frame?

Comment by Gooseybhai, on 25-Jul-2012 19:55


Make it into a mirror.... use it as the frame !  Potentially wall mount it with a vesa swing mount... cool for the bathroom?

Comment by gundar, on 26-Jul-2012 14:16

+1 Geek Guy. If the monitor has a flexible stand that allows it to be raised higher and faced upward, then 'pose' it as a side table and coat it with a few layers of clear resin. this will make it waterproof (easy to clean and bug free) and it will hold the shape.

Extra points if you can get the backlight to power up so that the side table now also supplies 'ambient lighting'.

Post your results and inspire a recycling competition.

Author's note by sleemanj, on 26-Jul-2012 17:35

Hmm, I like the idea of a mirror, if the backlight can be hacked to be always on it could provide light around the sides of the mirror.  


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