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, posted: 23-Aug-2012 18:17

Seriously now Stuff, did your proof reader take the day off?  On the homepage, in big letters, embedded in an image no less.

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Comment by Dratsab, on 23-Aug-2012 21:51

They must've read your blog post:

A New Zealand police officer has died after he was allegedly assaulted in Tonga.

That said, their proofing is generally not good at the best of times.

Comment by mattRSK, on 24-Aug-2012 08:34

I read the Sydney morning herald, they must have some good editors over there.

Comment by ajobbins, on 24-Aug-2012 16:04

I constantly find spelling and grammer errors on Stuff. I've even told them on Twitter before to go and proof read and article I found numerous errors in. They replied saying their national editor reviewd it and couldn't find any errors.

I went back to them with a couple of specifics from within the article which they quickly fixed. I'm not every very flash with my own spelling and grammer - but then again, I don't write the news!

Comment by mike, on 25-Aug-2012 16:32

This is one of the reasons i do not use stuff anymore too many spelling/grammar problems and pics not matching story's. There content is not updated often enough even on week days. In my opinion Stuff is a very amiture. I dont have good spelling or grammar but im not a editor

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