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, posted: 13-Sep-2012 17:37

3 News is running an survey on their website, this question is interesting, strikes me as rather weighted towards the upper classes.  That, or maybe I'm just horribly abused, overworked and underpaid by my boss (being self employed) and everybody else in the country is far better off than I.  Actually.  That's entirely possible.

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Comment by kiwitrc, on 13-Sep-2012 19:33

Don't have to be upper class to earn big dollars, ask your local drug dealer.

Comment by naggyman, on 13-Sep-2012 20:20

It seems that TV3 has an target audience issue.....

Comment by LibraryGadgetGirl, on 13-Sep-2012 20:30

I'm clearly not earning enough....Frown

Comment by jonb, on 13-Sep-2012 22:22

I would thing 'Over 150,000' would be enough as the high income bracket.

Comment by oxnsox, on 14-Sep-2012 09:56

And we all thought TV3 were hard up.... Maybe they simply based this on there own internal pay-scales. (We just get average pay right?)

Now where do I apply

Comment by ajobbins, on 14-Sep-2012 12:37

Considering that the average income in NZ is something like $60k, I would say there will be a lot of use of the first two radio buttons.

Comment by TinyTim, on 14-Sep-2012 12:50

You never know, it might be important for them to know the difference between the $120k earners and the $130k earners!

(I just filled in a survey where the salary question topped out at $80k)

Comment by Mark, on 14-Sep-2012 15:48

Hmm, after tax income on a $500,000 salary is $6,579 per week. Nice

Comment by compost, on 15-Sep-2012 12:58

Anyone clicking 500k+ automatically gets contacted by a tax accountant to so they can maximise avoidance

Comment by xpd, on 16-Sep-2012 07:38

I laugh (and cry) when the "average Auckland" salary survey results come out... 99% of the time, the average Auckland salary is around $70k - I dont know anyone who earns that and Im suppose to be in a "well to do" area of Auckland (what Im doing here I dont know).

I think the surveyors only visit Newmarket/Ponsonby/Remuera.....

That TV3 survey fits in with that nicely.

Comment by mattwnz, on 17-Sep-2012 18:43

Someone is out of touch with that survey. Considering tv3 is more targeted to younger viewers, the survey has been poorly done, and I have never seen it done like that. Normally these surveys top out at over $120k or similar. They are going to get many people ticking over 500k for a joke. They needed far more options under 100k too.

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