Equivalent Parallel Resistor Network Finder Using Your Personal Stock List

, posted: 20-Jul-2013 03:49

There are plenty of resistor network finders out there, but I never came across one that worked off "just what I personally have to hand", they assume you have at least a full E24 or better set - if you are a cheap bugger like me, you don't keep a full set, just more common values in a few decades.

So anyway, long story short, I wrote my own equivalence finder that considers only those resistors you actually have, and figured somebody else might find it useful, so I put it on the interwebs -
Equivalent Parallel Resistor Network Finder Using Your Personal Stock List Of Resistors (it's a mouthful, but trying to be friendly to the future googlers here).

Caution, you should use Chrome for best results. Firefox works as long as firebug is disabled. No idea what IE will think of it all.

Scroll down the page to enter in the base values you have decades/partial decades of. Select the number of decades you usually keep. Enter in any holes in your decades. And any bumps outside of the decades. You can hit the "Save (sort of)" button and bookmark the result for next time.

Once you've described your resistor stock, you can search for a desired value (you can enter it in the usual various styles people use - 1.0, 3k7, 1.5M, 0R5, 0.5R, 762913 ... you get the idea), specify how much error you will tolerate, choose when the search should give you a less-precise but less-resistors solution, the maximum number of resistors per stack, and if there are no solutions within your error tolerance you can select a Last Resort option to look for a solution of two parallel stacks in series.

NB: The first time you hit Search it builds an array the possible stacks, so that can take a few seconds depending on the Maximum Stack setting.

Anyway, there you go, hope somebody else finds it useful :)

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