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Windows Mobile device directory
In this page you will find technical information about connected Smart Devices based on the Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Windows Mobile Smartphone platforms.

Any of the links in each row will select individual devices, or list all devices with the same model, device type, distributors or manufacturers.

You can also list all devices, Pocket PC models only, Pocket PC Phone models only, or Smartphone models only.

Distributor Brand name   Device type Manufacturer / Model name Review links
Cingular Cingular BlackJack
Cingular BlackJack, Samsung BlackJack
Smartphone Samsung BlackJack 1 - Cingular BlackJack review
2 - Cingular BlackJack review
3 - Cingular BlackJack review
Samsung i300
i300, Samsung i300
Smartphone Samsung i300 1 - i300 review
i310, Samsung i310
Smartphone Samsung i310 1 - i310 review
i320, Samsung i320
Smartphone Samsung i320 1 - i320 review
2 - i320 review
3 - i320 review
4 - i320 review
5 - i320 review
6 - i320 review
i320N, Samsung i320
Smartphone Samsung i320 1 - i320N review
2 - i320N review
3 - i320N review
4 - i320N review
5 - i320N review
6 - i320N review
i610, Samsung i610
Smartphone Samsung i610
IP830-w, Samsung IP830-w
PDAPhone Samsung IP830-w
SCH-i730, Samsung SCH-i730
PDAPhone Samsung SCH-i730 1 - SCH-i730 review
2 - SCH-i730 review
3 - SCH-i730 review
4 - SCH-i730 review
5 - SCH-i730 review
6 - SCH-i730 review
7 - SCH-i730 review
8 - SCH-i730 review
SCH-i760, Samsung SCH-i770
PDAPhone Samsung SCH-i770
SCH-i770, Samsung SCH-i770
PDAPhone Samsung SCH-i770
SGH-i600, Samsung SGH-i600
PDAPhone Samsung SGH-i600 1 - SGH-i600 review
SGH-i607, Samsung BlackJack
Smartphone Samsung BlackJack 1 - SGH-i607 review
2 - SGH-i607 review
3 - SGH-i607 review

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