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Google Play Gift Cards set for August 26

, posted: 20-Aug-2012 21:57

Google Play gift cards are confirmed to be coming for the Google Play store. Wanting to buy a present for  that Android lover? Well now you can thanks to Google Play gift cards! Last week a Google Play store update was released and the guys over at Android Police went to investigate and found out that the updated Google Play store was "ready for redeeming gift-cards." 

Yes, Google is kinda "late" into the gift card scene as Apple introduced their system back in 2010, allowing users to buy apps for their friends as presents, and RIM provided Blackberry users with the option to purchase apps for friends as gifts, and send them over its Blackberry Messenger service.

These Google Play gift cards look to be released on August 26 (But we still don't know about if it will launch with New Zealand on its list or will it come at a later date for us Kiwis) from a memo acquired by Android Police at a Target store (These stores are US based and are like The Warehouse here in NZ).

If you've always been wanting to buy gift cards to purchase your favorite apps in Google Play, or that you've been waiting for these to easily allow you to buy apps for your friends, you only have about one week or more to wait! (Assuming that the cards will also be released on the day after!)

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