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[Review] Auckland Airport's Emperor Lounge

, posted: 4-Dec-2014 14:02

On the 28th of November I left Auckland for Guangzhou, China for a much-deserved (well I think at least) month-long holiday! I was flying China Southern Airline's Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the seats looked pretty "dull" in colour and also had old in-flight entertainment screens. Therefore it was refreshing to have been given a complimentary pass to Auckland Airport's Emperor Lounge before I flew out of New Zealand.

I thought I had left plenty of time beforehand to leave home and head for the airport in our shared shuttle service, but somehow my mind must have been completely blank when I booked the shuttle service for 6:30AM as we were stuck in traffic for an hour and a half! I then had to rush through check-in and security, and when I finally arrived at the entrance of the Emperor Lounge, there was only 30 minutes left before boarding, and that was leaving it to the last minute!

Upon entering the lounge there was no one at reception, but somewhere, someone must have been watching because a lady suddenly came rushing out of what must have been the kitchen, to come and ask for our booking and to greet us in. She took me around the place showing me where things were. She also kindly reminded me that I needed to be at the boarding gate in 30 minutes. 

Since I only now had 25 minutes left, I went round and took a couple of pictures for this review first, then settled on a couple of breakfast muffin sandwiches, some scrambled egg which tasted a bit cold and a bit like century egg, and some nice pancakes! I only found out afterwards that there were made-to-order paninis!

There was some bottled soya milk, and some cold muffins in the chilled section as well.

Snacks/nibbles, croissants, cereals, toast and toaster were also on the same table.

On a separate bar table, which was almost half as long as the food table consisted of cold drinks and wine. And of course, a coffee machine was provided!

Food aside, the lounge itself has a lot of seating. This includes a separate open section beside the food table that had proper tables and chairs to sit on, and the rest were comfy lounge chairs and sofas. On the other side was mainly chairs and another coffee machine and bar fridge for drinks was also there.

A TV screen in the lounge also mirrored the departure information.

Unfortunately, by this time, time was almost up and it was time to board my flight. A quick trip to the toilet and shower facilities and they looked pretty decent for a lounge! It was clean and if you wanted a "shower pack" you had to go to reception to get one.

Complimentary Wi-Fi was also provided.

Al in all, it was my first lounge experience ever and I must say, I'm not sure if I can go on a long-distance flight without going to a lounge to relax in and wind down for the flight again! It was a pleasant experience, and if there was one thing that I think the lounge should improve on is for a slightly more variety of hot food (even though it was a breakfast service most likely). 

For more information on the Emperor Lounge, please visit:

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